Am I the only one lagging?

since the game launched almost 2 hrs ago I have been experiencing lag on every story mission my internet is fine I tried other games and no lag am I the only one ? i ask because I don’t see any treads on it I checked on twitter also and nothing I am on XB1

Yes, it was for me on the PS4…it’s absolutely the server being strained

man I keep lagging this is really upsetting me I had no prob in the beta .

I’m sure it sucks, big time! The beta was a sample size…there are a few really annoying issues happening and I’m sure they will optimize the servers and such within a few hours. This is almost always a given with a new IP and especially on one that is a server side stored game.

yea thanks , I went to bed and today is much better hopefully it will stay this way I need to unlock some lil lady called Phoebe :slight_smile:

I have the second to top tier internet my isp offers, and I’m still experiencing lag issues, extreme in some instances it’s every 5 to 10 seconds. I’ve reinstalled once already, and it didn’t resolve my issues :frowning:

I have had more lag issues since release than I did in the CTT and the beta, but I’m not sure if it’s cuz of server issues or my own internet being slow as balls (my roomates also stream a lot of videos)

I get this shocking on PC, iT plays fine for an hour or so than becomes unplayable to the point where i move in large increments running into walls and off edges etc.

At least you are not stuck in prologue. LOL. It’s been two days and I still can’t get past the prologue in Battleborn, keep losing connection to server :confused:

PC player here.
I never had any lag in coop mode. The first six or eight PVP matches on Friday were lag free too. Then at some point all
of a sudden PVP became a lagfest to the point were it’s unplayable. Coop is still very much playable last time I checked.

The main concern is always the PvP. Coops can still be fine as other team players could do well. But in PvP, it’s all on you. And honestly, whether it’s FPS MOBA or straight up FPS, PvP and matchmaking has always faced lag troubles. The main culprit is always the internet connection, which can be dealt with either by upgrading to a better ISP. But before taking this big step I believe, you should try other alternatives first.

There has been few suggestions in the forum about lag solution but this guide seems to be the best for the lag issues: Battleborn Lag. Saw someone else recommending it in the forums as well.

Do update here, if it helps you too. Need your feedback on it.

By the way, are you getting disconnected from the game too?

I was also lagging on xbox one the other day but i deleted my system cache and havnt had any lag since.

Been disconnected from the game three times today, very annoying, keeps saying my connection with steam was lost. Just one of those things I guess?

Are you playing on PC?