Am I the only one looking for coop or the only one playing pre sequal lol

Gamer tag: PHXlove2009
I have:
Lvl 70 nisha
Lvl 70 athena
Lvl 50 jack
Lvl 46 aurelia
Lvl 30 wilhelm
Lvl 20 claptrap

Send me a friend request on xboxone. pretty much gunna play borderlands till my eyes fall out or battle born comes out which ever comes first.


What do you mean?

What do u mean what do I mean?

I meant when do you play?

Everyday only game I play pretty much

I usually play from 3pm est to around 7 to 10pm est. I haven’t started the pre sequel on my xbox one yet. Ide be down to play with you

Gamertag: Acalan4

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Cool man

I forgot my gamer tag is stoneyj4000

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I will play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with you my get is UnkownChampion7

If I could get in on the fun, count me in. WildWillIV. it’s a capital i with the V