Am I the only one pissed about losing battleborn?

This game is my favorite game, I preordered it and mastered it. I spent microtransactions to help support the game. The game was well and alive on console (mostly ps4) for the longest time all the way up to the end of last year. Then they decided to offically kill the game and everyone just stopped playing. I feel like they didn’t do enough to help save the game at all. The only reson everyone thought it was dead early on is because no one on pc played it. I think that this game was killed and as a fan that makes me mad.


You seem to be suggesting that gearbox actively wanted to ‘kill’ Battleborn. I don’t think this is accurate, at all. Battleborn was a labour of love for gearbox, they put a huge amount of time and effort into a risky game and it just didn’t work out (mostly due to release times of other games, which other developers seemed to do deliberately). It’s a huge shame, but I guarantee that Gearbox didn’t want it to end the way it did. They had to end official support because the financial situation didn’t make it a safe long, term investment, ultimately they can only do stuff that is financially viable.

And yes, of course, that sucks.


It was my favorite multiplayer game. I played on PC. Too bad that this game was alive only for 7 months there, once they released the last DLC - it was the end of it.
This game had so much potential.
The problem was that they did not make it fully free to play and they were too slow to balance characters after several months from release.
They should have changed their approach and give players all characters for free (and change the gear drop system from missions to pvp) once it went f2p, and then create many cool skin microtransactions as a way to support themselves.


I’m not pissed, just sadly resigned to the fact that I will eventually be unable to play as my favorite video game character of all time in 8 months, as I am saddened already about the loss of my favorite gaming community of all time here on the forums. That being said, to use a slightly altered version of a Vision quote from Avengers: Age of Ultron: “A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts”.

Battleborn has been one hell of a ride guys, but every ride must eventually come to a stop; and in the end, it doesn’t matter if the ride went it’s full course or if it was stopped prematurely. Sure, it seems harder to move on and try a different ride when one that we thoroughly enjoy is shut down, but it is at that moment when you must reflect and ask yourself truthfully whether or not you would have moved on eventually anyways.

Change- or rather, one’s perception of change -is part of the journey of humanity, and while change can be painful, it should also be welcomed. For without change we could not learn, and without knowledge we could not grow; and growth is the meaning of life, because to live without growing is merely to survive, not to live. So, even though it will be hard, turn your thoughts away from what you will be losing and turn them instead to what you will gain.

Change. Grow. Live.


I’m very upset as well. Anyone who MIGHT remember me knows how passionate I was and still am too an extent about this game. I bought it on XBO and got all but two achievements because people stopped playing. So I bought it again on PS4 and got about 1/3 of the way through it again before people there stopped playing.
Fiscally, I understand the decision.
As a real fan who sang this game’s praises to anyone whose ear I could catch, I’m devastated.
I came back to the forums today hoping to see plans for one final Battleborn Day.

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Battleborn was the attempt to take a genre that the developers where all very much in love with and make it 3D and in the first person. The aforementioned genre is MOBA, popularized by League of Legends and DOTA 2.

The thing is they wanted to add features in so that everyone could enjoy it. They wanted to take the lore and world building to the next level.
The main thing that put a nail in the coffin of this game was Blizzard. They had been working on there own take for longer with alot more money and people behind there project. On top of this Battleborn Struggled a bit with it’s own business model. It wanted to play like a 3D first person LoL but it was roughly 60$. For a game designed with alot or repeat gameplay that turned off alot of people. The staff who stayed on this project along with Randy Varnell did all they could to draw new players in while also keeping there promises to the existing player base. I imagin 2K was also not very happy with the games critical reception and based on the fact that the game was re selling for 10$ tells me its sales dropped off super hard after day one. It took more then just a smile and a wink to keep this games updates coming. It sucks it ended up this way but in the end GBX is a business looking to make profit. I’m happy Randy and his team where able to get as much done for Battleborn as they did even if the game ended up fairly buggy and fairly rough in terms of balance.

I think some people ar GBX may have wanted the project to just go away after the less then fantastic launch but I don’t think that is the consciences among there staff and developers.


Same here. I just got my gf into it and it’s one of the only shooters she’ll play with me. I really really wish they’d let us play offline.

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