Am I the Only One Super Irritated About This?

I get it, some lore challenges are hard… some WERE about luck, which I’m fine they got rid of (Toby’s Railx10) But that’s the damn point! I’m so irritated I actually spent the time to do lores that were actual challenges and now it’s gone to a complete pushover “tasks” or “side missions”. That’s what I call it now because it’s not even challenging AT ALL. Might as well give everyone the title “Master of -------” right as its purchased because I don’t even know the definition of a “Master” anymore. Change the titles to “Likes to Play -------” please because before when I see someone mastered a character I actually had a little fear in me. Now it’s just gone to complete pitiness. Do you know how much adrenaline it was getting one of those 25 kills?! Everytime it was a rush because I was one step closer. Don’t even tell me killing a specific character 25 times is hard it just takes TIME. Now I master characters not even a full day and it’s just so sad. “Master of -------” is such a disgrace now. I was one of the first to master Alani and it only took me a week. Now all the 25 kill challenges are changed to 5? FIVE!!! Gimme a break. I’m never rockin’ a Master title again. It’s just such a sad pity.


I would literally scream in joy for one of those 25 kills and get up off my seat, now i just find myself playing with a straight face, no purpose.

Did I miss something? Did they change lore requirements this morning?

No, but I see master titled people who just aren’t that good at their character they “mastered”. I know it was changed a while back, this is just a rant. Anybody who experienced one of these challenging lores that involves skill knows EXACTLY what I mean.

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This is a little late, this change has been in game for a long time and this has been discussed a lot already.


Sorry I didn’t come across it and I know it’s been awhile. Just a sudden purge of unskilled masters urged me to write this.

One would think you’d be more pissed about the xp requirements. Before they increased the character xp for matches and started holding double and quadruple xp events it was a a true grind to get a character to rank 15.

Forget the lore requirements, only a few were truly terrible. Back towards the start whenever I’d see a character wearing the black and purple I knew he’d put in around 100 games with that character. That is a much better indicator of them knowing what the hell they’re doing.

Now, well. It means you played at least 10 ten games during the last xp event.


I don’t think lore challenges should be locked behind PvP at all, so… no, I’m not really irritated.

You’re right when you say [quote=“TheSupa, post:1, topic:1548963, full:true”]
Don’t even tell me killing a specific character 25 times is hard it just takes TIME.

Lots and lots of frustrating time. Time spent doing your own little personal mission instead of playing for the the objective. It’s bad design that encourages people to play in a way that is detrimental to their team.

The day they finally address this is the day I rejoice.


Frustrating yeah, sometimes, but that just made it even better when it was completed don’t you agree?

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I don’t know why you would fear master titles in the first place? Sure, early in the game’s life it was impressive to see them, but impressive is all it ever was.

It still takes time. Less time, but time nonetheless. Sure it’s easier to earn a master title now but tha.t means nothing, you can be good with a character you’re yet to master and you can be bad with a character you have mastered, those titles mean no more than command rank and never did even back in beta.


That’s true… now that you mention it, it did take awhile now that I recall

I’m unsure why you’re even so angry about this. If you were after that tiny moment of satisfaction gained from hours of frustration, well, you got it, didn’t you? Why do you care that others don’t have to suffer like you did? Knowing how much I hate PvP challenges, if I were in your shoes, I’d feel incredibly relieved for future Battleborn players.


Hmm fear isn’t the right word… maybe anxious? Like I know I had to try type of thing. &I don’t think a couple hours is considered less. It’s pretty much non existant.

Lol I’m not angry :joy: It’s just irritating. S’all good bro! besides, if that’s what you call suffering I guess I’d like to “suffer” more haha. Also, it wasn’t the completion that made me feel g, it was each step (as I had wrote). I guess not many are adrenaline junkies like me

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Most of the lore challenges weren’t even challenges to begin with, just grindy tasks. I’m glad they changed them because most of them weren’t fun to complete and some really frustrating.

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No I dont, i had 1 toby double kills before they changed and im glad they did.

Kill ambra was a nightmare… i had low health ambra and someone else killed her, this happened to many times, i only had killed her as Galilea 1 and alani 2. This was the must frustrating lore of all for me, it made me a bad player, i got mad for a kill steal! I never ever got mad for that (we as a team need the kills).

I like the changes i dont care if noobs get it easier is better for the community. You can be the old man saying: in my times everything was harder and it was black and white!! You killed or you didnt.

I’m glad they changed Toby’s rail lore also (Again, as I had stated in my original post). I’m sorry guys, I didn’t know it was That challenging for most. I just wanted everyone to experience the thrill of the hunt (solo adrenaline junkie confirmed) :pensive:. I guess a week for me could be a month for someone else. I’m just the type that doesn’t complain for things to get easier. (No shots fired). Just don’t treat life problems the same :grin::+1:


Crazy mixed feelings about this!

To lead off, im 600 hours in, played damn near daily for hours since open beta.

The first character I felt remotely not-incompetent using was Galilea (perhaps it was because I had just come from Dark Souls 3).

And I had to get 25 Ambra kills.

Remember that first big patch when Ambra got Nerfed into the ground?

So few people were playing as her!

Getting those 25 kills took quite some time and was SOOOO SATISFYING!!!

Now you just have to get FIVE ASSISTS against Frenemies!

Now, however, with 22 of 29 mastered and activity for this amazing game having sadly dropped off, I am happy that the reduced lore challenges will allow me to “master” every character!

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I feel the exact same way! My only problem with the change was that it was so drastic. Why not bring it down to 15? Maybe even 10? I just feel they babied it in and gave it with a silver spoon and a golden bib. But I feel ya bro! I just haven’t been able to feel that same excitement since and that’s all that this post is really about :smile:

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And if they HAD to make it 5 (Uh why) at LEAST make it proper KOs right?!?


Yeah, this game has tried my patience to the limits many times, but I truly do love it!

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