Am I the only one to notice this?

I was playing as Orendi two nights ago, trying to beat her Very Morphic Pillars lore challenge on The Voids’ Edge and I am POSITIVE that I managed to at least make a lot of progress on the above lore challenge, but when I went to the command menu, it said I barely made any progress! I can only attribute this to the glitch that prevents incrimentation towards that challenge should you hit more than three enemies with Shadowfire Pillar as well as another glitch I may have discovered that night which prevents incrimentation towards Very Morphic Pillars if you happen to kill any of the three enemies within the pillar. Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had hit a Thrall Beastmaster along with two Primal Thrall with a single pillar a number of times and each of those moments ending with the Beastmaster taking damage and the Primal Thralls dying. So please make your concerns known if this has happened to you recently or in the past and I apologize for the LONG opening to this topic as well as any and all grammatical errors.

It’s a bug I had as well. I brute forced through it, but they’re patching it as part of the big patch next week.

I think Preamble of Pain doesn’t count towards the challenge. So if Preamble killed the Primary Thrall before the actual pillar hit then it doesn’t count. I may be wrong, but… yeah.

Its a bug, happens with similar challenges from other characters, it counts the kills with the pillar only, so if your going for the lore I would skip choosing a helix at level 4, just to make sure. I know preamble messes it up, but I am not sure about encore.

I didn’t use preamble of pain, just encore, but whenever any enemies would die in either of the pillars, no progress would be made. Though I think the challenge itself is being damningly literal with the parameters surrounding it, thus forcing anyone attempting the challenge to only damage enemies within Shadowfire Pillar without killing them. So I think this could be fixed if Gearbox altered the challenge to “damage/kill three enemies simultaneously” instead of just damage.

A similar thing happens with Montana, he has a lore chalange to kill enemies with his lumberjack dash, however choosing any helix negates any progress. The same aplies to very morphic pillars, so to complete the challenge you need to use vanilla shadofire pillars, without encore or preamble.

this lore and many others of the “hit X enemies at once” are all awful and never work. I felt like I had to hit way more than what was needed just to get it to register.