Am I the only one who can't feed Butt Stallion extra eridium on Xbox 1?

In the first play through I beat Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (starts from the unassuming docks and tops out at level 36ish on 1st play through) I read that you can feed her extra chunks of eridium and she may excrete out good weapons for you. There is even an achievement for it and is supposedly the only way to get “gemstone” weapons. After killing the Handsome Sorcerer the first time she came out and ate some eridium and brought light back to the world forever woo woo great! I had the option to talk to her which had no effect at all.
Then I went back and killed him again twice more and waited until Butt Stallion showed up after about 20-30 mins with out even the option to talk to her or feed her eridium. HELP Save the queen! Without eridium shes gunna starve!

you have to go back to the main hub town in that dlc and butt stallion will be there by a tree i think an you can feed her eridium then.

you cant do it after beating the sorcerer except only for the first time which is to introduce butt stallion an the feature of pooping guns to you. you also can feed her eridium when ever you like you dont have to go kill the boss first, thats only to get butt stallion to come out an do her thang. she stays out after that one time an is in the main safe zone area for the dlc

jus go to the main hub bit in that dlc an after you have finished the main campaigns story an killed the sorcerer once an you should see butt stallion in the middle somewhere.

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Oh thanks! I didn’t know she moved to the town.