Am I the only one who doesn't change their characters?

Yes. I am aware of the customization features in Borderlands 2.

It’s okay. But. I don’t really change my characters. I just leave them the way they are.

Is anybody else on this forum the same way too?

Prettymuch, actually. Maya, Gaige, Wilhelm, Claptrap, Athena, etc. I love their default stuff.

I’ll find something that works for me and just leave it. I will occasionally go through all the new things I’ve unlocked, but I’ll often just revert back. Axton’s default head is one of his best ones, but both Maya and Zer0 look great in the Community Day skins (Maya with Nisha’s hat and Zer0 with Coltrane’s football helmet.)

I’ll use something different on alternate characters just so I get a reminder of who I’m using when I open the inventory (different builds mostly.)

One thing that drives me nuts is people who drop into your game, and then spend 15 minutes at the Sanctuary Quick Change. For goodness sake, if you’re going to do that, do it in your own game!

I myself am kinda of picky about what skin/head I were. But lucky for me someone joined my game about a year ago and drop every head/skin in the game so I have like 85% of them. My favorite has to be space knight (which I got on my first Axton in nvhm) and torgue speed demon (the red and blue one)

I like Athenas head + Peak skin for Axton. Seems like a transcedent being, dunno.

Zer0 is always default, as Gaige most of the time. I like Maya with Nisha skin and head. She is pretty with Torgue stuff too.
I dont play Salvador and Krieg ao I couldnt care less tbh.

I wish I had the community day skins :sob:

Same here. For the most time anyway.
I have a Maya that has the Pretty in Punk head and Strangle a Puppy skin, and 2 out of 3 Gaiges that dont use the default looks but thats it basically.

Typically I don’t spend too much time dealing with the aesthetics since I generally play solo and I don’t ever get to see my own outfit except for the title screen… but lately I’ve been farming some of the more uncommon heads/skins (terra, bnk3r, Saturn, etc) so I’ve generally just used whichever skin/head I unlocked last despite how it may look. I think this is more of a way to justify my time to farm them lol. I figure, “well I wore that skin for the past few hours. it was definitely worth spending two days to farm it…” haha

I’ve changed most of them once or twice, but then just leave it. Zer0’s my main and he’s been in that bathing suit ever since the Son of Craw headhunter pack came out.

Sorry Havoc, but me and the crew need matching outfits.

We’re going for less “Pandoran Vault Hunters” and more for “Murderous Version of the Isley Brothers.”


They got added as rare world drops in the Oct. update and a previous hotfix, so kill/smash/open everything and keep your eyes peeled!

It’d be easier to do the “Smashing Pumpkins” thing. :wink:

Mine all have their respective allegiance-based skins and whatever head I liked - haven’t changed them in over a year, but if I find a new head that I like more, I’d change it.


I change from time to time, I have a few heads I stick to because all the other ones are ugly though.


I wear that head with “Lord of Power”. Makes Maya look like a wild-west baddass

Oooo… Might actually have to go and do that mission now!

My mains are all default appearance, might eventually have my alts take different outfits, but for now. They’re all set to default appearance.

I know that a lot of people don’t care about the customizations and just leave the characters as default. I see nothing wrong with that, but I just love customizing mine. On every game I play I always spend quite some time customizing the characters to fit my style. I always change their look and give them different names, usually related to their builds and playstyles. Allegiance skins for allegiance builds are a given, but most of the time I run the community day skins with some other head, just because those skins are so cool and I love the western flavor. I also always name all of them after spaghetti western characters. I usually run the D0n’t Get My Dander Up/Nihilism combo on my main Zer0 and Stand There and Bleed/Grizzled Veteran on my main Axton (occasionally switching to the Bone Blinder head when I get bored with that other look).

other than looks i wish the heads and skins added some kind of effect to your character. nothing major. maybe like a 5% movement speed or mag size something like that to customize builds even further. to op at first i didnt see the point in changing outfits but with so many to collect y not. some are ugly af tho.