Am I the only one who just play Overgrowth?

Not that I say the rest of the game is crap, but Overgrowth seems better than any other maps in my opinion, I really like it.

I don’t really like Echelon, something seems off with this map but I don’t really know what.
I like Meltdown but there is a lot of teams that push too much and then you can’t do anything.
I think Capture is “meh…”.

But yeah, Overgrowth ! I’m pretty sure I’ve been spending like 80 hours on it for now.

I typically play Meltdown 'cause I’m a moba nerd, but when it gets a bit stale I tend to hop on Overgrowth for a few games and I’m constantly surprised at how close and fun the games tend to be.

Yeah, since the last patch, some Overgrowth games are so tight. It’s so much fun to lose 50-100 until the last 2 minutes then your team manage to destroy the first sentry then you won by score.

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I feel Echelon is better that Overgrowth for me when i’ve thought the opposite for a while. There are a lot of flanking routes on Echelon and it’s made all the better with the way the game flows where teams progress from their end of the middle bridge to the other end to poke at the sentry, it’s a neat dynamic. It also just feels much wider and open than overgrowth in general, I always feel a tad claustrophobic playing Overgrowth.

I played Echelon 3 times in a row trying to get the lore challenge for Attikus (and won the last one, yay), and have grown a greater appreciation for both Echelon and Attikus.

I really don’t pay too much attention to the level design, but I do like how the map is laid out with all the multiple pathways and such.

No, and I can’t even begin to imagine what would have given you that idea (every 9/10 Incursion games I play, Overgrowth gets the vote)

I think people prefer Overgrowth because there are so many more big shards so it easier to buy gear and buildables. I think if Echelon got some more big shards, it would get more play. It’s actually a really cool map, a lot harder to cheese, and with some great chokepoints.