Am I the only one who noticed this?

Heyo fellas, something has been bugging me the last couple of days. In the menu where you can view all the Battleborn and the taunts, skins and Helix stuff I’ve noticed that the background colour of Pendles is not orange (Rogue colour), but beige (Eldrid background). Shouldn`t it be orange, as he is a Rogue?

There are many threads about this, no word on it being fixed soon. Hopefully in a patch real soon. Apparently, the coding was just done wrong, and he counts as an Eldrid for titles where you play as an Eldrid. It’s a symptom, not the cause.

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I can understand that, given the back-story of him being an assassin-for-hire so he didn’t have to go back home and lose all his limbs - definitely sounds more rogue-ish.


He belongs to the rogue faction so it should follow their color but isn’t he Eldrid by race? Roans come from akapos which is where alani comes from as a helicon though, idk kind of confusing maybe somebody could elaborate on that? He’s nowhere near as faction confused as gali though

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Nah, he’s definitely a Rogue. Eldrid are a faction that believe in preserving the natural order of the universe and such. Pendles would rather kill everything off for those dollar bills. Galilea just cant be any fa tion but UPR or Rogue, but she still wants to serve a cause, so UPR it is. Additionally, to clear up confusion, Alani is a Helician that underwent surgery to become more aquatic, as Helicians are drier than my sense of humor. She’s not actually a native, but yeah, Pendles is

I know the background is fixed, at least on PC. Anyone know if Pringles still counts as an Eldrid for Title earning or is he now working as he should?