Am I the only one who thinks there's an unreasonable amount of sway with Ghalts bullets?

When I activiate his ult, I notice that even at point blank range his bullets wont hit a target that’s strafing (even while I’m still moving with them btw). I also notice that if you strafe, his bullets deviate heavily from where the reticle is. I understand there’s a level of skill needed with his character, but even at relatively close distances it feels like many of his pellets are just whizzing past people. I don’t mind playing his character and all (hell I even went 21-2 with him in Meltdown), but there’s just seems to be something off about how his shotgun pellets.

Well, his guns do go out further than they may appear in your first person view so point blank is not the greatest idea because you might be shooting behind the enemy. Ghalt has also had issues since the game’s release where his bullets just don’t connect at times no matter where you/your enemy are/is. Plenty of people have complained and GBX still hasn’t announced anything on the subject to my knowledge.
He’s a great character and he’s tied with Rath for the title of Gank King, but he’s got some bugs.

Gank King? There is only one gank king :x EL DRAGON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I think you meant Phoebe.

El Dragon doesn’t really have the skill combo. He’s got good DPS and Speed, but not on the scale those two have. Though I do love me some El Dragon sass.

I’ve seen some matches where an Ulting Ghalt won’t cause projectile impact effects on the ground, and others where it will. Makes me wonder if his ult is firing anything at times, more than just an inaccuracy problem.

I’m just speculating here, but I think it’s a glitch. I’ve been running a lot of game with him lately, and I noticed something off with his ultimate if you hold down RT (I play on XB1) and press the ult button at the same time. Even though his rounds fire, it’s like the pellets down register at all (even when I’m firing at point blank range). I found that this was fixed if I let go of RT and started holding it down again.

Are there others here who would be willing to confirm this? I wish I had recorded the clip of it, but I was to far in the heat of battle to do so.

I’ve had this experience too… It can’t be just bullet sway since it happens even when I am standing still and the enemy is too! Really need to try and record something, maybe in the heat of the battle I’m just missing something?

Ok, there’s definitely a bug with his ultimate. It looks like holding down RT and pressing Y will not have your bullets register when Dual Wielding.

Also Caldarius. Ult anyone?

Not sure what you mean, at level 6 and if you have his level 6 mutation Unstoppable unlocked, he can clothesline slow/ knock into air/En Fuego/Splash-stun/smack you the rest of the way dead. He can easily kill a pack of squishies if they are at half health between the attacks and the electrical field from the splash ticking away. That is IF nothing else happens to be attacking him, he’s a paperweight.

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But that’s not really “ganking”. He’s getting into the frey and the thick of combat. Ghalt places a trap, pulls enemy onto it with the hook, the shoots them a couple times and their dead an proceeds to get outta dodge. Rath knocks you up and then ults for a quick kill and runs away. Neither really get into the actual combat unlike El Dragon who’s ult is on a pretty quick timer (what? 8-12 seconds) so you’ll need to activate it while fairly close to enemy players in order to have it last long enough to be practical. In addition, He has a pretty big frame so he’s easy to spot.

I’m not saying he can’t gank or he can’t be good, but Ghalt and Rath have easier methods of pulling it off and are KNOWN for that and pretty much ONLY that. El Dragon is mostly know for quick in-and-out combat and being squishy as all hell.

But if I may get back on subject, I to have noticed a lot of accuracy bugs with Ghalt’s weapon. I tend to get the long range slug…but there have been time I have a bead on someone , fire, and…miss? Say whaaat? Then i keep firing…still keep missing!