Am i the only one who thinks Vladof Weapons are underperforming? +Suggestion

For Context, im playing Moze and trying to make a non-splash Damage Build.
(SoR + BM)

To my dissapointment though, i feel like alot of the Vladof Armaments are underperforming.
Especially Guns like the Shreddifier, with a ton of Firerate and a big Mag-Size, the Damage-output is… meh.

So i thought to myself:
What if the “C-C-Combo” Perk from Guardian Rank would be increased from 2% Gundamage increase to about 5%, or maybe even 10%?

I believe it would be a fair Buff to the more traditional consistent DPS Weapons, without affecting other builds too much.

What are your thoughts?
Any other Suggestions or Ideas?
Or perhaps simply improve the Stats on Vladofs?


Im using a purple vladof ar, Vicious maslo. Takes down anything and never has to reload.
Also use a purple vladof cryo pistol. Annexed stoic moloco. Hard hitter but ammo regen cannot keep up. Damage on pistol is 387×2 100 percent cryo efficiency

Didn’t had time to experiment end game yet but… Yeah…
I’d say business as usual with Vladof. Bullet hoses that chew your ammo to achieve average dps at best. There’s always a gem here and there but… Which bring me to my observation about Vladof.

Anybody feel like they appear less than other manufacturers? Vending machines, drops, ect.

Despite what I just said I do love to play with them. For mobbing if it’s not to do the hard stuff. Somehow I miss the “old BL2 parts system”. I loved having Vladof parts on many of my guns. Now every manufacturer is limited to their own stuff. Which is good but I still miss the “mix’n’mash”.


Vladofs are appearently one of the rarest weapons, i too have experienced that.

If you are looking for mix’n’mash Weapons, you probably wanna look at CoV.

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Wilson! WE ARE NOT ALONE!! :crazy_face:

I believe you are correct. I have not favored Vladof guns on any of the four characters. Dahl guns tend to have superior damage, accuracy, perks, and comparable fire rate to Vladof guns. I’m not convinced they need a change yet. There’s plenty of guns I haven’t given a solid try yet.

Gotta love their “mortar-secondary-firing-mode-on-heavy-guns” though.
Now if I could remember what was that Legendary one I got leveling up…


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i guess you mean that one? yea the mortar mode on that is great, personally though i dont use it, im prefering the “sniper-like” heavy weapons from vladof.

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@sammantixbb @Billaien
Yup! That one! :slight_smile:
Rarely use heavy so emptying that ammo pool once in a while was a lot of fun.
Even better was my coop friend reaction! :laughing:
WTH is going on!!

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I can never bring myself to use heavy weapons. I have a few rare occasions. But using them always feels like something I decided I had to do. So I feel ya

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I haven’t explored Vladof non-uniques very much, but from my experience their legendaries are pretty solid. Lyuda, Dictator, and Lucian’s call, Ogre, and Shredifier are all great. Some of the other ones shine more in a particular firing mode (like Jericho and Faisor underbarrel) or variant (sickle can spawn with “boom” prefix that adds splash damage).

I am not sure whether the shredifier is the best Vladof for bottomless mags though. I feel like it is more impactful to crank up the mag of something like the Lyuda than a gun with massive mag to start with. Personally I have used the shredifier with Zane with a bunch of points into Violent Violence and terror ammo regen, and it performs very well there.


how do you feel about their performance compared to other builds, like a tediore focused build that almost one-shots everything?

in that comparison i feel its super underwhelming

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Yeah I’m running an infinite Lyuda build, it’s so much fun, obviously a Lyuda with an endless mag is super strong!

Trying to use a Shreddifier with bottomless mags etc is just overkill and I can see why that would feel underwhelming but it’s like using a screw driver to hit a nail and saying screw drivers suck. Shreddifiers work great for things like Mind Sweeper and Short Fuse. They also do really well on VH like Fl4k who can boost the damage fairly high.

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I probably used more in BL3 than I did in my entire gamer career. (Outside very specific situations, maybe.)
Which is still not that much really.
Probably just wasn’t as stubborn and dumb. Still very specific. Empty ammo pool on one occasional boss. It does help when you’re leveling up. Who would had thought! :laughing:

To stay on topic… Anyone seen anything like a BL2 Rocketeer? Was a Vladof AR with Torgues barrel. Was underwhelming outside explosive builds but I loved the thump thump thump!


I haven’t noticed, and I run a similar build. Maybe it’s perks or play styles? If you get a Marksman class mod that increases Redistribution, it can get your ammo regen up to 30% of your mag over 3 seconds, which goes great with Vladof sniper rifles.

at the very least the vladof heavy “sniper” makes great screenshots ^^

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Shredifier can be really good. I’m using a Corrosive x2 Shredifier with double barrels on my Flesh Melter Fl4k and it’s pretty nutty if you can hit your shots.

I rarely use Vladofs in ‘regular’ play, because most of the time I get more performance from the special abilities of other makes (eg elementals, atlas trackers, torgue stickies, jakobs riccochets). I find Vladofs well suited for boss fights though. Aside from specific legendaries, no other 'common’weapon will score as many fast crits on a boss as a good Vladof, AR, except perhaps a Hyperion smg.

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I don’t know if it’s technically underperforming, but I love a Double Bezoomy AR on my Bottomless Mags Moze. The alien barrel ARs are fun, too.

And I like the legendary pistol… Unending Magnificence I think it’s called?

I like Vladof snipers with bipods the best out of all the manufacturers.

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