Am I the only one who was looking forward to farming a lvl 65 Vindicator Ghast Call with annointments?

I enjoyed the Bloody Harvest event as a break from the main game last year despite terrible spawn rates for loot ghosts and abysmal drop rates for BH loot from said loot ghosts as well as Captain Haunt. Both were adjusted during the event last year so that players felt more rewarded for the time investment.

The first thing I noticed playing Bloody Harvest this year is that both the spawn rate of loot ghosts and the drop rates for event specific loot are back to where they were at the beginning of the event last year. Most runs through the Heck Hole result in Haunt dropping non event gear. It’s worth noting that I am playing on M10.

The second thing I noticed is that the only item I was going to farm during the event (Ghast Call) does not drop with annointments. I was so looking forward to farming a new lvl 65 Vindicator Ghast Call. Now I’ll be done with the event after I find 50 loot ghosts however long that takes.

Its just disappointing because GB seemed to have gotten enough feedback about the event last year to make changes to BH and to make the Cartels event a lot more fun and rewarding.


I just want more event drops to be higher. I understand having to farm for the right gear but since the game has been out they’ve struggled with drops and rates of them.

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Luckily I have gotten multiple lvl 65 Ghast Calls and 1 Vindicator variant.

Even without an anointment with the right build, the Ghast Call is strong. So far I’ve found it strong on:

  • Peregrine Flak with uRad
  • Bloodletter Moze with uRad

It looks like adding uRad makes the Ghast Call strong for any VH.

Also as pointed by others more terror means more Ghast ghosts. But it would be nice if there’s anointment on Ghast Call and the Scream shield.

BL3 has changed a lot since last year’s BH event. Now, anointments are pillars in builds and GB should have had these items to drop with anointments. Because GB kept these items unanointed, the event isn’t even worth the time or effort.

GB IMO is not very player friendly and have managed to change my opinion of them drastically since BL3’s release.

I was surprised to find the drop rates at the level that they were at when the event started last year and not where they eventually adjusted them to later in the event.


Agreed. Without the annointments, there no real reason to do the event after unlocking the skins.

True for higher mayhem levels.

However Ghast Call WITHOUT an anointment is STRONG in M10 with certain builds. Some builds are strong with certain terror anoints without Ghast Call as well.

Those reasons are good enough to farm this event if you guys are willing to use those builds. If it doesn’t fit your existing build, yeah I agree it’s pointless.

Point here is not if GBX is player friendly or not but rather that this year’s implementation of Bloody Harvest was very lazy and pretty embarrassing tbh. Just a copy and paste of last year (with the same bugs, challenges, and general issues). Disappointing.

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That part has been really disappointing. Maurice even had the same beginning dialog the first time you talk to him saying he just came aboard sanctuary. Even tho he’s been there for a year now.


I’m not doing great on Ghast Calls (especially since moving up to M6), but everything else is dropping like candy. Even got two Overflowing Screams this year (so far).

Yeah. I’ve gotten some shotguns, a sniper, a couple shields and a couple grenade mods. It’s just that without the annointments on the shield and grenade. It feels like farming gear from a year ago.

Drop rates get buffed today! Good luck farming those Ghast Calls everyone!

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That’s good news.

Meh, never mind. I misread the hotfix. They only increased the chance got terror anoints.


You should really try for the Vindicator Ghast Call. I was discouraged at first but I kept trying and then one lucky drop from the Gate Keeper, I got the corrosive Mayhem 10 level x8 Fear Monger and the level 65 Vindicator Ghast Call. The Vindicator Ghast call is the most powerful grenade I have seen , in my opinion. It actually kills enemies and takes them out. Robots, Badasses and damages bosses. I didn’t believe it until I found one and tried it. It is an awesome addition. If one doesn’t do try two or three and the enemy is done especially in a group.

Thank you Gearbox for finally putting out a fun and useful grenade.

It’s cool that the base power makes it one of the only grenade mods that is actually worth using for the grenade damage and not just the annointment. It still doesn’t make sense to not have annointments on Ghast Call and Scream of Terror. I can’t think of any other items in the game that you can’t get annointments on. I will do what I did last year during this event. I competed all of the challenges and tried farming for it but only saw regular and roided variants. I ended up trading for one. The PS4 trade community is great for this game.

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