Am I the Only One?

Am I the only player that just stops using items that were nerfed after learning about the nerf and I also immediately go farm up gear that was just buffed after learning of the buff?

The reason I ask is that Ive recently noticed that Gearbox can instantly and drastically change my loadout with either nerfs and buffs.

After learning that the Fastball grenade was buffed, I immediately went hunting for one. I havent even played this game in 2 weeks and was amazed at my desire to obtain the Fastball simply due to the fact that I thought it would be effective (this was my absolute favorite grenade mod in BL2). Needless to say the buff was disappointing but appreciated nonetheless.

More like I give a chance to buffed weapons that I might not have considered before the buff (They were usually unfun, weak, or both).

I still use Nerfed Weapons assuming they aren’t demolished by the nerf (RIP Lyuda).

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id rather start farming gear that is not clown tier anymore
but i also try out guns that got buffs if they fit my playstyle

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