Am I the only person that plays El Dragon

What are y’alls thoughts? I love clotheslining into an entire team into El Fuego. Provided the team follows me up, it works as a huge disruption to the enemy team and works to get kills almost every time.

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I have a few friends that play him, in the right hands he is one of the most deadly battleborn out there

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No. I see him regularly as an opponent in PvP and he usually is always beating my head in.


So far I’ve only seen one other person play him in PVP. shrug I love his kit.

I think I only ran into about 3 that can’t use him out of the 20 I faced he is used pretty often


No, you’re not :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t see him often, and I’m actually really glad. He is such a difficult opponent…

I don’t play him that much since I wasn’t particularly fond of his voice acting. That El Dragooooooon was only funny once. :sweat_smile:

Getting onto a Marquis and beating the crap out of them feels good man.

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I play him but still find I die way more than Thorn.
For some odd reason those skinny dark minions don’t hurt her but they can kill Dragon so fast.

Maybe it’s a gear loadout issue? I run gear that grants me lots of regen and movespeed.

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He deals fantastic damage, but for a large target he is pretty squishy. Still love the guy though. Belly flopping onto people is just fantastic.

Still haven’t unlocked him but will totally play him when I do.

Haven’t seen one in-game yet, though, in the Beta or Retail.

Last hitting isic is a pain.

I haven’t managed to do it yet, but I just gotta get some friends together for a 5-man.

I did it on solo normal not to bad

I play him all the time. Almost mastered lore. He’s a glass cannon

??? I did it in one try… make sure you take his basic attack chain modifier, it lets you chase him through the air when he’s popping you up :wink:

And do it on SOLO not with other people.

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I use him with attack speed and damage kit I went 18-1 with him clothesline escape also helps

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Or with a team you trust, making sure everyone knows what your goal is. It’s worth it, if you can get the unique dialogue to fire.

No people play him, but certainly not often you might seem him in two of every five incursion games you play.