Am I the Only Person Who

Am I the only person who HATES the excessive Legendary drop rate?

I mean they are LEGENDARY, and they should be super, extra, ultra, extremely RARE. But in most, if not all, boss fights BAMF there is a Legendary, and sometimes 2 and even three.

Come on! In my opinion, this is a tragedy!

I would like if Gearbox made Legendary item as rare as {heck}.

… just saying…


i hate it too
but its necessary in the current system
anointments are very important to builds and they add an additional layer of RNG which makes it much harder to get the item you want, compared to bl2
same with the secondary stats on coms and relics and modifiers on shields and grenades

if you want to have a droprate similar to bl2 (maybe a bit higher, lol)
you would have to introduce a crafting system that reduces the RNG amount of the gearing process by a lot

but i guess it would help if they just reduced the world drop chance by 90% and if you are only getting your dedicated drops, chances arent actually that huge anymore
it only looks like it because in every boss run, looking for a specific item, you are showered with tons of useless sh1t that you arent even looking for


I’d agree if the all legendary items matched the rarity. Too many legendary items are underwhelming. They would need to greatly improve weapons across the board to warrant a reduction in drop rate.


I don’t honestly hate it. While it is excessive to a degree, and could be reduced some, as Lolli said, with the amount of RNG involving anoints/parts on weapons, and the crazy, crazy amount of skill point bonuses and passives on coms and artifacts, it’s really unavoidable. At this point, the only real way to avoid it, would require a full rework of the game to massively reduce the RNG factors, i.e. cutting more anoints or eliminating them entirely, reducing the number of variables in coms, etc, and fully balancing all of the guns, so that more are viable to begin with so we aren’t all mostly looking for the same handful. Of course, at this point, they could always just sunset some legendaries to thin the ranks too. I doubt we’re ever going to get enough of any of this to make it truly feasible to reduce world drop rates too much. As things stand now, the only thing they could do would be to lower the world drop rates, but heavily increase dedicated drop chances.

Being completely honest, even if they somehow managed to fix a lot of the RNG issues, I wouldn’t want things to be the way they were in BL2, because over hundreds of hours in that game, I only ever had a handful drop across all 4 characters I played. What endgame I played, I was usually using a couple odds and ends legendaries, and some purples that I could make do with. Most of the meta gear, I never even saw, until my son gave me some when the Commander Lilith dlc dropped. I would want a nice middle ground between the extreme stinginess of 2, and the abundance of 3.

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I agree, it’s kinda stupid. Remove anointments and scale back enemy HP accordingly, farming problem solved.


Nah. The value of them isn’t the same in BL3 as in previous games. Most suck past regular normal mode, where they don’t drop like crazy anyway. Many of them might as well be purple or blue.

If they were extremely hard to acquire given their sucktitude, that would make it even worse.

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I don’t like. That said I don’t mind it too much either. The world drops don’t affect dedicated drops so that rain of legendaries is just a small chance to get lucky and get something actually good while just going about your business. Besides with so many legendaries not being worth their title this is the only way I’d ever end up having one of the worse ones in my hands if I decide to pick on up one a whim.

I wouldn’t mind toning down the world drop rates on Mayhem a bit, especially since they always end up in the same clump making it impossible to tell what dropped without picking the crap up. Having a bit less stuff there would help with both the feeling and that small issue.


If anointments were not such a big deal I would agree.
But the anointment system REQUIRES a fair amount to have a chance at one of them actually being good.
So the more chances the better…


I wouldn’t say a full removal but a scale back to about what lineshines are. Then balance around that state of the game.

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I think if they “decrease” legendaries, they need to make purples or blues capable of getting the job done until your “ultra rare drop”.

And then “BUFF” the hell outta of the “ULTRA RARE” legendaries you grind to get.

Honestly though. I’m fine with the drops. It increases your chances of finally getting the perfect one / with perfect anointment. Which still takes forever to get.


Not all legendary things do legendary damage. So holding them up on a pedestal just because of the rarity is somewhat counterproductive.
Gbx already knows which ones are good and which are bad too. They throw the bad ones at us like candy. Woodblockers and malaks bane abound but a 425%crit unforgiven… not so much.
I say leave it the way it is.

I’m kinda used to loads of legendary drops from diablo 3 greater rift runs, it’s the rng I dislike in both, I did farm a bit in bl 3 but got tired of it really quickly as the anoints were either useless or for a different character. Didn’t have as much trouble in bl 2 farming for best gear, bar farming nearly 7 levels in uvhm for a corrosive lydia. Really think there should be an option where only class mods and anoints for your current character can spawn.

I’d love the world drop rate to be pushed back. I think anointments have their place, but them being the bulk of our damage is ridiculous. Farming’s become so tedious, and even with how rare it is to get the exact gun you want, it doesn’t feel special anymore.

And since they’re rarer, I think more purples should be viable. I’d like to see health scaling and powercreeped legendaries adjusted.

Legendaries should be legendary because they do legendary things. Not because they’re so rare they’re practically a myth.


So many times in BL2, it was like “OMG I GOT A DOUBLE LEGENDARY DROP!” and now, a random standard badass enemy in BL3 can drop three on you without a thought, and soon enough, you have a legendary carpet after doing the Slaughter Shaft. :smiley:

I agree with the notion that the world drop rate is too high, on one hand… but also on the other hand I also agree with the notion that it’s practically necessary because we’re farming for the anointment we want.

Overall I wish anointments weren’t so emphasized, and that they were more in line with luneshine bonuses from TPS (small bonuses that are nifty to have if you happen to come across them, but not absolutely gamechanging like some anointments are), but it’s really way too late to stuff that genie back in the bottle.

Taking another page from TPS, I wish we had a grinder in BL3 that we could throw all those legendaries in and see if something cool pops out, instead of just leaving them on the ground. Have similar recipes: for example pick up three Woodblockers and grind them to see if you can get a better sniper (and mix in some eridium to roll an anointment on it.)


So like it or not my opinion that it HAS to be so high. The diversity of weapons now is a little ludicrous, and it isn’t like in BL1 where you were just looking for the drop, or BL2 where you are looking for a specific prefix. Now you are looking for a specific weapon, with a specific prefix, with a specific anointment for a specific vault hunter. If the drop rates were noticibly lower it would make farming for that kind of thing so insanely painful it would make me want to make me put a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger with my toes. Really I think they just need to make it scale better with mayhem. Legendary drops between mayhem 0 and 1 is about the same as the difference between mayhem 1 and 10. I think if they kept mayhem 10 where it was and made the curve for drop rates far more exponential it would do much more for letting people customize their endgame experience.

We do be thinking next level since forever dog

They had to make legendaries rain because of the anointments, which I think are the biggest culprit of this game “failure”. While they should’ve been just a little extra bonus for a build, instead they became essential to most of them, especially on endgame. That created the availability issue which was solved by making legendaries drop more than whites, with a guaranteed anointment on m10. The other issue is it created a huge balance problem. That extra layer of variables and interactions made extremely difficult to control the dps outcome. So they released mayhem 2.0 that not only didn’t solve this issue but also made most guns obsolete and made it necessary to nerf some of the mechanics that had become the backbone of most builds and playstyles.


I feel the problem is so many items are in the world drop table.

We need items to be dedicated to bosses, and only give a few specific ones for badasses or regular enemies.

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I hate too much WORLD legendary drops. From what I remember when I played this for Plaguebearer, I seen way too little dedicated drops

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