Am I the Only Person Who

Seems to come and go, enjoy it while it lasts

Yes I hate it. Between anointments, passive rolls on Class Mods and Relics/Artifacts, and normal part variance on weapons, shields, etc. this game has waaaaayyy too much RNG bullsh**. Not to mention this game has more element types than previous games so there’s another layer of RNG for you. Like others have said, Legendaries have to spray out of enemies like diarrhea or you’ll never have a chance at finding anything decent. But that’s such a lame band-aid solution. I wish they’d cut way back on the world drops and increase dedicated drop rates accordingly. As the game sits every dedicated drop farm is like trying to get a 94% Sham. The insane item variance with the poor dedicated drop rates makes dedicated loot farming a total nightmare which has essentially ruined the game for me. I never avoided grinding in BL2, but in that game I’d eventually feel rewarded for my efforts. I can’t tell you how many times in BL3 I’ve grinded for 10+ hours and had to leave empty-handed, with absolutely nothing to show for my work. I know there are dozens of other issues with the game and they can’t tackle everything at once but this is the single biggest problem to me. And save/quit farming is an abomination on consoles due to loading times so that makes farming seriously unenjoyable as if it wasn’t bad enough.

They just need to give every item a dedicated place to drop, Remove the amount of anointment, or get rid of them all together. I’ve disliked the how many legendaries drop since the game came out. Half these guns should be purple/blue. Bosses just have to many immune phases for no reason, which slows down farming as well. The endgame just isn’t there, and the only real hope is more dlc/extra content. Remember them flexing they had a dedicated team just for bosses, yet here we are with no raid bosses. TBH they could just make modding tools for the game, which would fix most of their issues, and the community would benefit from it as well.

The general idea on the build end seems to be that Legendary Guns are the guns for which End Game Content is designed. This is the current trend, as far as I can tell, but I’ll use two games I’m used to to explain.

In Anthem, guns level 1 to 30 are between common and epic rarity. Once you get to level 30, Masterwork Rarity weapons can drop. These weapons are basically the same as the Epic version, but have a special ability attached to them, like freezing enemies you hit five times in a row. They are also level 60. And they get more Bonus Rolls. Essentially, once you’ve found a masterwork version of something, the Epic and below versions aren’t just kinda garbage, they’re absolutely garbage.

Legendary versions are just the Masterworks…but leveled 75 or 80.

The way Anthem deals with Garbage Loot is that you can scrap the pieces you get for a material you can then trade in for a legendary.

In Phantasy Star Online 2, there’s a very large variety of rarities. The current US version mostly tops out at 13 star right now. These 13 stars are the top weapons in the game currently.

To deal with Crap Gear, you can trade 11/10 stars for currencies, or use 12 stars for fodder to grind the 13 stars to higher stats, or starting tomorrow, break down any weapons for parts in a crafting situation.

Borderlands lacks any meaningful craft or trade in solution. Therefore, drops need to be tailored to filter out a majority of the stuff that doesn’t play at the level the development team has in mind. So Legendaries have to drop frequently, or else the whole thing falls ass up in a pile of trash with Clappy.

That’s before we even enter the moderately subjective concept that people play BL to see the Weird Guns.

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That is true, especially if we were to look at BL3 and BL1.

But BL2 was a very different beast, especially at launch. Stingy. Very low world drops and lots of dedicated drop sources which many here love (and I hate with a passion - since it really forces you into tedious farming if you want to see a legendary or some tricks with certain quest and loot midgets ). IIRC dedicated drop rate was 3% or so to begin with.

So, a bit of a paradox then, at least as far BL2 is concerned: low drop rates, no crafting, but seems to be held in high esteem. :wink:

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Couldn’t agree more! Too many world drops are a luxury problem created in order to cover up the immense RNG factors in this game.

I played BL2 for it’s entire 7 years, coop’ed it with my wife about 4 days a week, have several OP8 (10) classes, incl several Sals for easy farming.
And I have never, ever seen:
An Ogre
A Norfleet
A 94% Sham
A Cobra
A Twister
A Hide of Terramorphous

Not one of them.

BL2 was stingy as hell and throughout the entire time span of the game I always, daily, felt like I was locked out of the true fun.
To my dying day I will repeat BL2 was the worst game of the entire franchise just because of this fact. I’m still feeling that I haven’t seen the full game because of that.
TPS did so much better in this regard. Grinder, meaningful vending machines.

Ofc, this is opinion and coming from someone that does not care about story, humor nor narratives or characters. I just want to be entertained by interesting mechanics. For that I need gear which BL2 did not give me despite my unending endeavors.
So yeah, BL3 some issues but to me it’s still leagues above BL2.


The quantity of legendary drops don’t bother me as bad as the quality of the drops.

I will farm for good gear at M10 but if there is no good gear, why would I spend any time farming … or even playing?

After GB nerfed many items I spent a lot of time and effort to acquire multiple times, I lost faith that ANY item would be worth building around as it will surely get rendered useless too. So far, GB has nerfed all effective gear and has shown no evidence that they will stop nerfing everything. As a result, Ive lost all motivation to play BL3 anymore or in the future.

It’s safe to say that almost no-one wants to go back to Borderlands 2 levels of drop rates, where you could count yourself lucky if you could even find a single piece of legendary gear in a entire playthrough. To me drop rates are fine, if anything just a bit inconsistent between base game and DLC locations and most named enemies.

The challenge is to find the right anointment to suit the gear and vault hunter that weilds it. I lost count of how many hours I spent farming for my Unseen Threat with a 300/90 anoint, but my Fl4k is pretty happy for it now.


Yeah, after BL2 I am NOT complaining about the drop rate. I played BL2 for over a thousand hours and I can probably count on one hand how many legendaries I found outside of their designated drop locations. Even when you were farming specific enemies for drops it was such a low chance that I just never bothered.

One thing I miss from the original game was just finding awesome guns in the most random of places. BL3 brought that feeling back but then immediately shot itself in the foot by bloating enemy HP so high there are only a handful of weapons that can hang in the endgame.


Nah… Oranges drop more than whites! And that’s just to justify the chances of getting certain anointments, which I think is the core of most problems with this game. No one wants bl2 droprates, but this isn’t right either.


Wow… Many responses.
So I guess the implied answer to my question is that I am not the only one who hates the excessive Legendary drop rate.

As an aside, I ALWAYS get an Unkempt Harold for my Gunzerker, and I refarm it every 2-3 levels in UVHM.
Other than that, in BL2, very little Legendaries

I don’t have an issue with the legendary item drop rates tbh. I feel like lower rarity gear needs a little love though to be a little more viable in regards to stats so that an orange rarity gun isnt openly outperforming guns 10 levels above it that are a lower rarity on its own.