Am I using Face-Puncher Amara wrong?

I’m currently a level 20 and I have Illuminated Fist and Find Your Center w/ Face-Puncher. It seems like I’m not doing a whole lot of damage. Any tips?
Also, is there any way to give Phaseslam more damage and/or shorter cooldown?

Hmmm, a lot of damage come from Guardian rank perks and Mayhem scaling, I assume that at lv20 you are in a normal game with no guardian perks?

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Yeah, facepuncher melee is more of an end game build.


I would go as far as to say that the Face-Puncher only works while you have both melee damage being upscaled with Mayhem Levels as well as multiple pieces of gear that work off that scaled damage AND can also make use of some Guardian Perks, although the latter are not mandatory.

The amount of available skill points at max level also considerably increases your toolset and general damage output and adds additional multipliers like Ties that Bind and anointments add even more on top.

While you can make a Face-Puncher work early on, the nerfs it got to it’s base damage make it a pretty mediocre weapon until much later, where it can become the centerpiece of a whole build.


And you can use the new Bladed Fury instead of Facepuncher now…

My Facepuncher build used to be ok on M10/M11. I could deal decent damage but since the nerf I struggle to deal enough damage like bosses take forever now whilst I constantly run out of ammo. I realise now why the fan base aren’t exactly happy with nerfs ripping average to decent builds apart.

Facepuncher is still busted. It’s still best in slot in most melee builds. You must be doing something wrong. Or you were heavily relying on White Elephant in a bossing scenario.

Also, there has been no nerf significant enough to “destroy” a build in the last year and a half.

I wouldn’t got that far. Facepuncher builds were a thing back in the M4 days, so it’s certainly not necessary to have mayhem scaling for it to work. Groundbreaker is actually useless on melee builds because you have no non-melee damage to build it up.

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OP is still in normal playthrough, and at Level 20 does not even have relic slot opened yet. I think FP needs that and more, like others already pointed out: GR perks, Mayhem scaling etc.

My answer was for the post above mine, my bad for not being clear enough I think.

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