Am I wasting my time playing on PC?

I really want to invest into this game and play it where it’ll survive the longest. I don’t want to be stuck with a dead community like so many other tragic games out there.

I tried the beta on both my PS4 and PC. The lack of FoV adjustment and 30fps lock made me confused and nauseous when I first tried it on PS4. So I downloaded it on Steam and played it at a smooth 60+ fps and I started to really get into the game.

Borderlands 2 to this day still has a strong community on Steam that plays it every day. So based on everything I decided to buy the game on Steam.

All I hear now is how dead the game is on Steam, slow matchmaking, pitiful peak player numbers, just sad overall. However I hear that the PS4 community is doing pretty well… so my question is, is that true? Am I wasting my time on PC? Is the PS4 population significantly bigger? Should I be getting the PS4 version and getting used to the 30fps lock if I plan to be playing this game in the long run?

I really wish Gearbox published some official numbers.

As I´m on XB1 I can only speak as “consolero” in general, but so far it wa a blast! No matchmaking issues, plenty of groups & people to find through the forums here.
Most rants seem to come from quiet toxic/frustrated PC/Steam players, so I´d say PS4 is the better choice.

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You want to play the game where it’ll survive the longest?

Then PC, for sure. When the next console generation hits - this goes away, no telling when they’ll pull the servers for consoles down.

The pitiful peak player numbers is how it is across the board. Stats show it’s sold abit over 300k copies, with a nearly even split between.

I play PS4 and have had no problems getting into matchmaking… I’ve also heard that PS4 (or console altogether) has a more solid community

I’m sorry man just look at evolve seems to have a better player base on consoles. Hopefully you got a good discount. I’m playing on ps4 and matchmaking is fast but you will throw up. I’ve seen times with the fps drops to I swear to god 5. I hope they fix this.

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Evolve has a horrible playerbase on all platforms. It’s what happens when you announce 140$ worth of DLC before your game even released (Besides the Season pass)

I understand that, but let’s be real the pve in this game is a joke everyone plays for pvp. Hopefully it can keep people playing for a very long time. I love this game over smite and that game was free.

I play on Xboxone also, no matchmaking issues, and as far as I’m concerned as long as that is the case then the overall population doesn’t bother me that much

That’s not always true though… PC gamers generally have SO many options of games to play that there’s little incentive to invest in something if it isn’t already big.

Console gamers often bought their console for a specific series or genre of games. Battlefield and Call of Duty for example is going to always be alive on consoles, but good luck if I wanted to play them on PC. It’s a struggle finding a decent BF4 server today, whereas on PS4 I can find full matches instantly.

Battleborn on PC already feels like it’s been out for years and the community already abandoned it…

It’d be nice if consoles offered player numbers, but they don’t.

But the longest lasting community will always be PC, for any game. Perhaps Battleborn isn’t going to be a game that lasts…at least imagine it as a possibility.

It’s not 2005, don’t under estimate the power of the console, there are a lot of hardcore gamers who prefer to play on console.

Also, the games that console gamers play to a professional level tend to be a lot easier to get into than ones on PC, both playing and spectating. Show someone who has never played an RTS some Starcraft footage and they won’t have a clue what is going on, show the same person some street fighter footage and they will be able to appreciate what is going on a lot easier.

As for the next console generation, Battleborn 2 will be out before then I expect.

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I was a PC gamer for the last 15 years. PC community was solid for allot of games. One example is Battlefield had 64 player battles and consoles couldn’t do that but now consoles can do everything PC’s can just less fps and resolution.

Games are all consolized now. Even Diablo went to console and Blizzard next big game Overwatch is made for console first. Allot of new games I bought the community was dead on PC and popping on console. It;s not PC’s fault. I love the PC community. Just not everyone can afford to keep up with a gaming PC and update every few years or build a new one.

You don’t have to worry about a games player base on either console. I would never buy this game on PC. I would prefer to play it on PC though.

Battleborn in my opinion is a average game that wont sell well because it doesn’t deserve to sell well. This game will be dead on PC in a month. This game will have a solid community who love it on console for 1-2 years.

This is pretty much the trend that has me worried about Battleborn for PC…

Battlefield used to be all about the PC community, these days it’s the consoles that are still playing strong years after the release. While the PC community is nowhere to be found other than League of Legends.

I guess I really should consider a PS4 copy…

I don’t understand. Once the next generation of consoles come, you can’t play your games anymore. The servers will go down shortly after that.

But I can go boot up a PC game from 10, 15, or even 20 years ago, and still play it online, with people.

The game is equally popular on PC & Console according to sales statistics. I see no reason to purchase it on Console if you already own it on PC.

In the end it’s you, but you asked me which game will have the longest lasting community - It’s PC, it always is. Regardless of what community is better, or has more players, you asked me which will last the longest.


@Kursk: I got into a public game last night ~ 11:00pm CST in under 2 minutes, so I think the community is fine. Granted I only played the one game because I’m not that interested in playing random people (most of them just rushed towards the objective and didn’t bother building stuff or collection items). There are also plenty of people in the PC Co-op and Online play section that are looking for players. I’d recommend buying it for whichever platform you’re more comfortable playing it on and ignore the negative comments from people who have a grudge against the game for whatever reason.

Drop off on PC is quite staggering, the game started off low and dropped quickly. The blue line is Borderlands 2 and the high bump on the left is due to string break. BL2 has been consistently hitting the 12K+ player mark for quite a while but it dipped when Battleborn came out and returned again shortly after. So the quick drop is partly due to Gearbox fans giving it a go but then realising they prefer BL2 I guess. There seems to be no one coming on board after the Overwatch Beta ended as many predicted. Gearbox are in a precarious position with this game. It is not going all that well.

In the case of Battleborn maybe they should not have been so bold and instead looked at an episodic free to play smaller game to test the waters. Too late now, they have to ride this one out and hope the DLC, patches make this game better before the money makers say enough is enough.

I love M&K gaming over a controller, but PC gamers tend to move from game to game quickly. Also hacks seem to infest PC gaming online. It’s not even an issue on console. I have a $2700 gaming PC and I hardly play games on it, my PS4 has the games and community I want now.

That’s PC only. Something tells me there are a lot more console players.

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The game has sold a little over 300k copies.

GBX has said the split is nearly evil between all three platforms.