Am I wrong to think BL3 is coming fall 2018?

With the announcement from take two that a much anticipated game is coming fiscal year 2018, Randy Pitchford openly tweeting about flamethrowers in BL3, and gearbox’s history of fall release dates, am I wrong to be getting my hopes up of a late 2018 release?

Ever since that announcement from take two, I have been getting super excited for this possibility and obsessively checking for BL3 news.

Should I stifle that chubby before I prematurely explode or do I continue to nurse those hopes with replays of the prior games?

I guess I just want to know if I’m the only one out there thinking this, because I am all in for BL3 and can’t shake it from my mind.


im sure pretty much everyone here is thinking its possible but my thinking is hope for this year but not to expect it for another 10.

with most of my favorite franchises having long and hard to predict dev / release cycles i have gotten used to not getting my hopes up for any particular time frame because if i did i would go nuts.


I dont think Fall 2018 is too far off the mark for releasing BL3 and heres why. From what most people gathered from Take Two’s financial report is that they will be expecting to meet a certain amount of net sales by March 2019 earnings report from what they are releasing including a much anticipated game (BL3?). So I dont think its out of question to think Fall 2018 but for sure we know to expect it at least by March 2019. But im personally thinking closer to Fall 2018 because the game would need a little time to marinate and grow some sales to meet expectations. So it would have to release at least a good amount of time before March 2019 to reach expected sales. So I would say if it is BL3 they are talking about than we need to see it no later than December 2018 but preferably Fall so it can get its initial sales and have time to than go on a holiday sale during December to get the rest of their bulk sales. Those 2 phases of sales would give them the best chances at meeting sales goals as long as they market it properly as well.

They need to make a big deal about BL3 because it really is a big deal. But I beleive this franchise flies too far under the radar for most people to notice and it absolutely deserves a top priority spot in the gaming market. So they need to step up the marketing and get it noticed as the biggest upcoming release. BL is soo good and it really deserves to be a big success.

But remember, it still hasnt been confirmed to be BL3 but I would be shocked if it wasn’t. If I were to guess the release window for speculatiin sakes than I would say somewhere from September-November 2018. CANT WAIT!!!



I think it would be best to wait for some official announcement before deciding when to expect it, and even then, to allow for delays. It’ll be out when it’s ready, and I sincerely hope not before, despite financial projections. I’m going to conserve my excitement until then. Get your hopes up? Sure. But try not to be too disappointed if you’re wrong.


I’ll be surprised if it comes out this year.


I just want them to make sure it’s ready, QC it before release, and avoid EA’s “pure evil” business model that grinds their own products into the ground.

I don’t care when it’s released as long as it’s done well.


Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Glad to know I’m not alone. I’ll be replaying BL1-TPS so add me if you want to join me in my orgy of nostalgia. LaydownNtrafik.

No official announcement for such a long time now, here’s desperately hoping it’s not more of a Duke Nukem Forever time frame. :hushed:

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Yeah I agree and personally id rather it come out when they feel its the best BL game they could make reguardless of expectations.


I do too. But that should be sooner rather than later. 5 years is a long time.i know they haven’t been working on it the whole time but surely they have been planning and conceptualizing for a lot of that.

A remastered BL1 on the new engine could be on it’s way nudge nudge wink wink.
BL3 next year.

Yes, and I heard that BL4.5 will be a turn based strategy/gem-matching/goose-racing/dating simulator/insert other wildly improbable thing I just made up, due for release last Thursday at tea-time.

I know that we all want to speculate, and lords know that the internet thrives upon it, but there really isn’t much point. Let’s just wait for official announcements, then go wild!


Cant see the gem matching to be honest.
But goose-racing , :+1:


Yes, you are wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like you now. :rofl:

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There a are few youtubers who have discussed the topic and point out that the Fiscal Year of 2018 runs into the first quarter of 2019. Since they are still hiring people to work on the game and do testing, I don’t get the impression it’s close to being done. So I would expect later rather than sooner.

Since Battleborn there’s a chance they go that route again, so that they can have the spring and summer to release DLC, and they release of GOTY version in time for Christmas 2019.

Now that you’ve said what I wanted to hear we can be friends again. #snowflakediscourse

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This wait is too long. I am becoming bored of Borderlands.

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I dont mind waiting.

Can you imagine how many ideas they come up with and have to choose which ones to keep and which to bin?

And then theres skill balancing and weapons testing. We’ve seen just how broken certain combo’s can be if they’re not done right.

As much as I would love to have a new Borderlands to play , I’d rather wait longer and get a better quality game.


Try Defiance 2050 coming to ps4 and xbx1… this summer.
Beta testing coming soon. If you’re interested I’ll get the link.