AMA Summury (I Need Help!)

Um, what all happened in the Ama? Can anyone copy paste some answers, so I can get this done soon? I don’t want to spend <3 hours copy pasteing, so any help goes a long way.


Join the discord bud
It takes a second
The full AMA is a lot to go through but it’s still up for viewing

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Questions were asked.

Questions were answered.

Discussions were had?


Mostly lore questions
Some other interesting stuff (gameplay related)
It was 3 hours in total


It’s impressive just how hidden such an important event was.

How do people see this? It’s not up on reddit…it’s not up on the general boards. I just signed up to the “discord” thing and I can’t even find it there.

Why is something that should’ve been so simple for people to read actually like playing “Where’s Waldo” to uncover?


I finally found my way to the discord #AMA.

After downloading an extra un-needed app, and then verifying a new account, and then waiting 5 minutes for chat permission and then needing to additionally request new permission from a (nice) mod to gain access to the #AMA thread, i finally made it in.

Once inside the AMA chat, I was forced to the very end of the chat and could only think of holding my “page up” key on the keyboard to scroll to the beginning of the chat. After about 5 minutes of holding my page up key, I realized I had rewound about 5 minutes of conversation out of 3 hours and just completely gave up.

Am i missing something or is this really as convoluted of a process as it seems on first glance?

Am i missing some vital clue on how to navigate the #AMA chat or is it really as terrible to try to read through.


Not a fan of Discord @jaden374, are we? :wink:

But I kind of agree that a chat system like Discord is not the very best choice for such an event. I was too drunk to follow it while it was live and now I’m too lazy to look for interesting questions in an unsortable chatflow. Reddit would allow me to only show the top level responses and have an overview about all the questions that way.


I finally got through to reading it all now.

My intention isn’t to become overly negative in a positive event that the devs took place in but…

In the most basic of basic levels, this discord thing isn’t going to have near the reach of the general (non hardcore) player base that a reddit or general forum would.

If the goal of these AMAs are to reach the most people, the way to do it is through pretty much anything other than Discord.

i really thought the discord was a neat little tidy little place though on my first visit and I will be back, but im just being realistic here.

Part of me feels like this was all done on discord just in an effort to somehow “get people signed up on the discord”…haha

EDIT - pathetically, Im pretty sure that the entire reddit BB board didn’t and still doesn’t even know the entire AMA took place. Really anyone, check the reddit board out yourself and see if im exaggerating. It’s sad.


I’d love it if the Battleborn subreddit held more AMAs, but because they haven’t been holding anymore after their first I decided I would try to get something going at least. We’ve had 3 AMAs (more just Q&A sessions I guess) and they’ve been somewhat successful, but they can be improved upon I know. We’re trying to find better ways to handle everything given the limitations of the media as well as the small number of staff we have as well. I’d like to add more staff but the community isn’t large enough to support it. People either aren’t active enough or they’re not very good at dealing with people respectfully or responsibly. The people on staff currently aren’t perfect but they are good people and I respect them all.

Tokesy has been a big help during the last few AMAs communicating with the devs and getting everything sorted behind the scenes. He’s moving on from his role as staff but may still help out now and again with any future AMAs, at least as far as communicating with the developers. It’s going to be up to the rest of the staff to handle any future AMAs we might have.

Reading the last post I realize that we missed posting this to the subreddit like we’ve done with the earlier AMAs. Much of the staff has been busy with real life issues and during the last few weeks I guess we just overlooked this one small detail. We’re going to have to make note so we don’t repeat that mistake in the future.

Edit: Also, all 3 of the AMAs we’ve held are logged in that one channel so you may not have to scroll up as far as you might think to get to the beginning of this 3rd AMA.


To make it clear, I didn’t try to talk down the Discord, it’s a very nice place, but those Q&As can get a bit confusing (and I really wasn’t in a condition to follow that yesterday - kinda surprised myself a little when I saw this morning that I posted here with okish spelling and grammar).

Probably staff problems too. Also, the troll to good user ratio on there still isn’t in a state to expect something like an AmA to get over very well …

I think the fact there have been 3 AMAs on the Discord is a testament to the efforts the staff have put in to make them happen. The reddit has been good at organizing in-game events, but as far as an AMA goes, feel like it would be way too hectic since for the most part its basically a Ask @Jythri/Randy Anything (AJA or ARA). We also get to make use of the reaction system that allows anyone to react with emojii even if they only have read-only access to the channel.

For the last 2, AMA questions are sourced beforehand over a period of several months and the chat is locked to only staff initially until the last 15mins or so when it goes into a free-for-all state. So while not a true AMA, it takes into account the devs limited availability and also allows Gearbox a chance to pre-approve questions beforehand to some extent.

I was planning on writing a bot that would watch the channel and feed it out into a formatted Q&A for easy reading however I ran out time with other projects and my real life job taking up most of my daytime hours. I definitely hope to set up something for the next one to make it easier for ppl who arent attending live to catch up on what happened.


Thank you for doing this Kal. While at first glance (and maybe second) I didn’t seem appreciative of the efforts of the discord, I see what it is now and i understand the behind the scenes time, etc it must take to make sure it runs smoothly.

Imagine my voice on this though, not in a negative way, but rather an “average joe” battleborn player. Without sounding negative or positive, it simply was really difficult for your average BB gamer to find the existence of this. It’s tricky because I feel like many people do not know what a discord is (like me) so its a hard avenue to promote effectively, though i do realize the issues of having this on the Reddit.

I feel like the general boards would be a good happy medium maybe!

Yet it sounds like to me the discord having the smallest audience in this situation also makes it easier to relaxingly moderate which is a benefit to that. Although this comes at a price of…the discord having the smallest audience.


Is there some reason why an AMA couldn’t be held right here on the official GBX forums? It just seems odd to me that you have the forums sitting here, but a lot of the interesting posts by developers show up elsewhere first, and only here as either an afterthought or if someone copy/pastes them.

the AMA’s are a community effort. If we have never had one on the board that’s probably because no ones put the effort forward.
It’s easy to be disappointed about not being part of an “event” for something but something like the AMA isn’t going to be plastered on all the forms of social media by GBX because they have no responsibility to do so. It’s up to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

that being said I hope we could have more and it would be nice to have one here

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I would love to see something like this. I’m curious as to how it would work.

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I think this is more or less it - The AMA’s on the discord only happened because @Kaleidodemon and myself originally got in touch with JoeK back when the Battleborn discord started.

It worked and became something the community there reacted well too, so it became more of a why not try again, and again.

I actually made a thread on the news section a couple of days before, after having mentioned it (granted it was in passing) in several Battleplans. As well as trying to use Lowlines, MentalMars, Solus_Scientist, Enasni_Volz, TheOnlyTachyon and other recognized community faces.

As for reddit - I don’t use that place, and I have no intention of creating an account for reddit. So that’s, personally, a blind spot in the community for me.

I can get on this soon (ish), I’ll likely have it done by Monday so I can send it to MentalMars so he can Archive it on his site as he has with the other ones.


And thank you for it
Finally pushed me into joining the discord


Well… first Toby started a holoshow for people to ask him questions… then…
You mean the Discord one.
Wanders off casually.


Discord AMA 1
Discord AMA 2
Discord AMA 3 (I did a few, more coming soon)

Reddit AMA

I did some social promotion on my channels. Twitter, Facebook & my website. The exact time kinda got announced pretty late. I prefer getting a heads up sooner. Just like with GBX streams but they also get announced like 3 days before they happen. 7 days works better for my internal clock thingy. This also gives some more time to get the word out.[quote=“Vicks_Toire, post:14, topic:1562651”]
the AMA’s are a community effort. If we have never had one on the board that’s probably because no ones put the effort forward.
It’s easy to be disappointed about not being part of an “event” for something but something like the AMA isn’t going to be plastered on all the forms of social media by GBX because they have no responsibility to do so. It’s up to the community

Same goes for Battleborn Day. Gearbox does support it but it’s an event created by the community.

And there is this thing from @lowlines i’m gonna leave here to tease you guys…


Got a question about this AMA and stuff. I was actually checking Battleborn discord quite regularly but didn’t see any AMA channel - and #AMA_feedback is empty. Which one was that?