AMA with Gearbox on the Battleborn Discord

I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread here to let everyone know that the Battleborn Discord is getting an AMA with the devs on Friday. 12pm (Noon) PT/2pm CT (Gearbox time)/3pm ET/8pm GMT. If you’re not already a member you can join by clicking this link here.

Edit: I should add that roles will need to be assigned to give everyone access to the main text channels on the server as well as voice chat. To get roles assigned just ping the staff using the @Staff Member command and then let them know what system you’ll be playing on.


I signed up after Kitru invited me but on Win7 Ult ‘N’ 64bit the exe just keeps running but never finishes, even in Admin mode.

If the app doesn’t work there is also the browser version. If that doesn’t work I’m not sure how to help. :frowning:

I read this as

Please, someone write the discussion down. I won’t be free then

Write? Like with a pen and paper? What sort of savages do you think we are?

This kind



Got it working: @ Wise

One of the staff went through the chat and copied all of the questions and their answers and put them on a document here.

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I really regret not being able to make this tonight…I was driving…But you guys did a stirling job there.


It is to my eternal shame that, on my loot pack legendary question, I was accidentally (and repeatedly) referring to them as “lore pack legendaries” repeatedly, like an idiot. Didn’t even realize it until a good while later when everyone else reading it was obviously extremely confused.

Oh great community peoples, what is my penance that I might absolve myself of this sin?

(no, of course I wasn’t raised Catholic…)