Amach is dropping the Old God shield at a good rate

I’ve been farming Amach in Cursehaven on M10 and he’s dropping the Old God shield at a very good rate. I’ve gotten 3 of them in about 15 kills. Really surprising. I even got one with the ASE 50% elementary damage anoint, which has been very rare on the Xbox.

If you’re looking for an Old God shield, give Amach a try. He’s a lot easier to get to than the Empowered Grawn.


That’s good to hear. Pre M 2.0 I used to farm him as he frequently dropped an Unseen Threat and Old Gods for me or my wife.
Haven’t paid him a visit ever since Mayhem 2.0.
But I will now.

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I did the same and then he just stopped dropping the Old God for me. This is the first time that I’ve really farmed him since M 2.0.

I wonder i did see him a few times. He is a constant spawn on just xbox i believe
Why? Hell if i know.

Who knows why. You’d think that it would be the same on all systems. I’m still seeing him every time on Xbox.

The drop rate has slowed down of course. Got 3 of them in about 20 kills. Still not bad.

Amach is my fave farm spot. All of my Old Gods and god roll Sappers came from him. He is easy to reach out early in the game.

I havent tried farming him in M2.0. I might give it a try this week.

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Anyone who’s going to do this, make sure to turn off the Cartel event. The mini bosses won’t spawn here for some unknown reason. It’s bugged.

I gotta admit as someone killing everything super fast in m10. Hes a lil tough at m10 because his lil eyes and all the spawns. Theyre kinda lethal for me. Plus he likes to run away. Are you getting UT drops?

He’s got his shield and 2 health bars so he takes a bit. I just ignore the “Witness” floating eyes. It sucks when he does the cloud though and you can’t see him. My M10 modifiers need me to get crits and that makes it tough. I’ve just been taking him down with a Kaoson. It works well but takes a bit. Not nearly as quick as back in M4 when I could take him out with a Lob. The Lob barely tickles him now and the Yellowcake that I have on my Zane doesn’t do enough damage.

I’ve gotten 3 Unseen Threats in about 20 kills.

I’ve been wanting a SNTNL move speed old god for a while…nice to know there’s an enemy that seems to semi-reliably drop it.

Related note: anyone tried Eista for Skullmasher/ Cocky Bastard? How generous is he on M10?

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I actually want a cryo one with the amp annointment that came with the Cartel event.

I’m still combing the desert after about 20 kills … Argh

Noteworthy loot after 20 Amach kills or so (playing as Moze)

(2) Oldridian SMG’s (crap)
(2) Unseen Threat Sniper Rifles (crap)
(1) Seeryul Killer AR (crap)
(500) Beastmaster Class Mod’s (seriously)
(9,000) Flama Diddle Shotguns (throws controller)

To be fair, everything is crap in Mayhem 10 outside of the big 5

Yea, lots of Oldridians, Seeryul Killers, etc. from him. I farmed him for a little bit today and actually got an Old God shield to drop. Surpirsingly it even has the ASE 50% dmg anoint on it.

Eista’s drops won’t scale so I wouldn’t bother with him until they fix it.

I farmed a full set of elemental ASE Old Gods since Thursday’s hotfix. He’s also dropping the Unseen Threat (his dedicated drop) often. I got a couple x18 Anarchy shotguns with good anointments as well.

Lol … right after I posted this I got two consecutive Old God shields to drop …

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