Amara 1 lifepoint bug

I finished the campaign with amara, then i decided to co-op play with a friend to help him finish his campaign and i immediately noticed i only had 1 lifepoint… I tried getting health but it would say i had full health, i tried logging on and off still had 1 lifepoint, i played with my friend unable to restore my full health. Now when i try to play by myself all i have is 1 SINGLE LIFEPOINT… Can anybody help me fix this? Is this happening to anybody else? Its freaking impossible to play with a constant single point of health, Please somebody help.

Did you happen to equip a deathless artifact? (I think its deathless). Either way, there is an artifact that drops you down to 1hp. You may have equipped it without realizing

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Wow i feel dumb now, thanks man…:v::joy::ok_hand: