Amara Action Skill Augment "Allure" Not Working

Title says it all. Doesn’t matter what action skill I pair it with, the “Allure” singularity/mob pull in augment is not working. No clue why not.

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It was just working for me. Any details about the situation it wasn’t working in?

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I’ve tried it with every variation of phaseslam and it simply doesn’t work, no matter the mob type, whether or not I hit mobs with the skill, etc. Nothing happens. Playing on PC.

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The problem is the radius and how Phaseslam interacts with this augment.

Phaseslam, Fracture and Downfall all do powerful knockback. For Phaseslam and Fracture this happens the moment and enemy is hit this creates the singularity )which is not visible for what I can tell) where the action skill was at the time of damage. The singularity dose not have enough pull power or radius to keep the enemy from being knocked away. Acendent helps with this issue of range but not power. The knock back will still kick anything damaged by fracture or Phaseslam well out of its radius making the augment pointless for both these variants. Downfall is different when you fire the beam of energy and hit an enemy it seems to center the singularity on the beam and carry it with you. Then after the beam you Slam knocking everything away. It functions as programmed, its just not very intuitive with every action skill variant. I know this from about 7 hours of play today and yesterday using Downfall with Alure and it’s really fun to pull barrels along with you to make a big splash when you hit the floor XD

The same goes for Soul Sap and Phasegrasp. Only Fist over Matter dose damage so the augment is useless with any of the other Phasegrasp variants.

I think this is why GBX gave Amara multiple action skill variants. This let’s players find an action skill from each tree that works with Augments from other trees. It inevitably means Amara has some broken/ un intuitive combinations but she is still a beast when put together right.

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Ties that Bind also counts for action skill damage on both of the blue spec augments. You can either heal a ton for the team or go full controller and phaselock entire groups of enemies. It also allows the team to output damage to entire groups of enemies by shooting the main target. It has the potential to be the most damaging action skill.

I’m curious to see if Ties that Bind will stack Samsara. I will haft to test that one tomorrow. If so that is honestly better then Fist over Matter in any situation outside major bosses.

It doesn’t work

It’s weird. Ties that Bind counts as action skill damage for all that other stuff I mentioned, but not Samsara.

There a bit of inconsistency in the action skills and their augments. Like how only the first grab from eternal fist activates allure. Most are listed in the bug thread.

Unrelated but I recently found out that Allure also pulls in nearby barrels. Very cool

@David_Ayy Singularity grenades do as well.