Amara: alternate attire

Kind of a minor quibble - - well, maybe not so minor since I decided to go ahead and post it here. I know they’ve never done it. And I don’t know anything about coding and/or how hard it would be to implement but I wish our vault hunters came with/ were allowed (at least) two different outfits. Something like casual basic battle clothes and a more “formal/traditional” sci-fi outfit. A more alien would be cool too but I’m getting ahead of myself. Amara is my main and I have to admit I hate her outfit. I mainly keep her in the Neon Dreams skin, all black everything–and the Jawbreaker head—makes her looks pretty menacing which I like (I completed the Maliwan Takedown but never got the head which looked really cool. I only received the character skin and echo skin) But I wish Amara had like even just a one piece space-suit type option. I love the dusty country & western aspect of Borderlands but I mostly love that it’s science fiction. It’d be really nice to see Amara in something similar to what Maya was wearing. I have a Lvl50 Zane as well and his attire is my favorite. It suits the game theme to me. And it’s more versatile/accommodating with the provided skins. Same with my former vault hunters: Roland, Zer0, Athena–their outfits were, to me, more Sci-fi neutral or whatever. Anyway, that’s all. It’ll probably never happen but I can wish. See you guys at the casino!

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