Amara and ASE anointments on non-graspable opponents

Say you’re fighting Traunt. If I cast grasp on him, it will just do damage and not grasp him. Will that automatically trigger the ASE anointment of whatever it may be?

What’s ASE?

Action Skill Element, maybe?

Okay, then my next question is:
What does the action skill element have to do with anointments?

i think he is asking of after action skill/after phasegraph annointed items will proc even if we missed the target.

Yes. ASE is Action skill end. I just wanted to know if a target is ungraspable, will we still get the ASE bonus?

Yes I think so. My coop partner was saying they were getting grenade Regen from an anointed shield - that was with phasecast though so I’d suggest testing to make sure.

Sorry for the confusion

I know that the “Action Skill Start” of regenerating grenades work without grasping anyone. You can whiff phasegrasp and keep making grenades. I’m not sure about “Action Skill End” though.

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for clarification.
Yeah, it should work. I tested this some ago with the elemental anointments (“for the next 2 magazines”) and it did work. It could be different for the other anointments but I don’t think it is.

Grenade spam maya is a thing :wink:

From beyoooond the graaaaave!!