Amara and melee combat

So I’ve noticed that Amara doesn’t have that many melee damge upgrage skills, and the ones that do don’t seem to boost it by that much.

For example “Illuminated Fist” from “Fist of the Elements” skill tree adds just 28% melee damage. Is that a lot? I could be wrong but it doesn’t sound like much for a melee focused character.


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28% could be a decent amount, plus it does apply the action skill element (and in previous games matched elements have then had a 1.75x modifier, at least for fire and corrosive in 2 and TPS unless I’m mistaken).

Plus, if you manage to hit a critical that multiplier needs accounting for, and if COMs boost that skill it may get a bigger boost from raw melee boost and COM effect.

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Also curious, but perhaps there won’t be a hardcore melee character this time, instead it’ll tend more to the hybrid side than before. I’m fine with it either way.
Also, we don’t know anything about melee attachments. There might be stronger ones this time.

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What is COM?

Class Optimisation Modules, or Class Mods.


Amara is also a siren it is binding brick with maya litteraly. So she is gonna have more siren based ability’s she is not a melee focused . siren elemental and melee focused.

Im a siren either way so.

Well they said she was gonna be a melee focused character so I naturally assumed it would mean better melee damage.
I’m just wondering if I should even bother with the melee skills.

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We will have to wait and see how it all works together, game doesn’t come out for months and the only game play we had with level 10 to 14.


Thanks for the reply:)
They did announce it that way. But looking at the skills. it may just be elemental and healing boosted character . But brick in bl1 was one of my favorite melee characters. And i like zer0 a lot too.

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She does have the dash and pounce and you can boost her action skill damage, so we will see how it all works in a package.

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That is true still lots of content to go for bl3 . I hope we see some funny movie refrences as well.

Also take in account magazine size recoil reduction and even more skillz. Like fast hands anyone who has not seen it here ya go

And feel free to comment or ask questions i will help you or someone else well help you with your?'s.

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Let’s look at the tree

Phaseslam Action Skill N/A Amara leaps into the air and Slams the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them up. 141 Damage, 26 second Cooldown

So while this isn’t her punch, its melee and it has its own damage and a huge splash radius

Arms Deal Passive Ability 1-5 Amara deals increased Splash Damage, and takes reduced Splash Damage 3% Splash Damage, 3% Splash Damage Reduction

Her slam and possibly later in the tree, dash, might both be boosted by this.

Fracture Action Skill N/A Amara summons a handful of fists that erupt from the ground, dealing damage to enemies in front of Amara. 124 Damage, 26 second Cooldown

More potential melee splash

Find Your Center Passive Ability N/A Amara gains increased Melee Damage. Additionally, for a few seconds after using her Action Skill, Amara gains increased Melee Range. 22% Melee Damage, 50% Melee Range, 8 second Duration

Here is her passive, its not a ton but the extra range is a big deal.

Jab Cross Passive Ability 1-5 Whenever Amara deals melee damage to an enemy, she gains increased Action Skill Damage and increased Weapon Damage for a few seconds. 10% Weapon Damage, 11% Action Skill Damage, 20 second Duration

Her action skill is a huge melee hit and this helps it

Blitz Passive Ability N/A Melee Override. Press the melee button to make Amara dash a short distance forward and perform a special melee strike, dealing Elemental Melee Damage. If a Blitz melee attack kills an enemy, Blitz’s cooldown is immediately reset. 10 second Cooldown

All the dashes we have seen so far came with melee boosts.

She also has a lot of survival and movement speed skills which go great with melee.

Then you have skills in other trees that help

Anima Passive Ability 1-5 Amara’s Elemental Effects deal increased damage over time and have increased duration. Her Action Skill Elemental Effect deals further increased damage. 2% Elemental Effect Damage, 10% Elemental Effect Duration, 6% Action Skill Elemental Effect Damage

Since her pounce and dash deal elemental damage this helps

Infusion Passive Ability 1-5 Convert a portion of damage dealt by Amara’s weapons into her Action Skill Element. 4% Converted Damage

Again, boosts her action skill

Tempest Passive Ability 1-5 Amara deals increased Elemental Damage. Shock Damage is further increased. 8% Shock Damage, 4% Elemental Damage

More boosts

Illuminated Fist Passive Ability N/A Amara gains increased Melee Damage and her Melee Damage is converted to her Action Skill Element. 28% Melee Damage

More melee and makes her melee elemental, which can be boosted by elemental skills and maybe splash.

Wildfire Passive Ability 1-5 Whenever Amara applies an Elemental Effect to an enemy, it has a chance to spread to a nearby enemy. 8% spread chance

Spread the dots you can punch

Catharsis Passive Ability 1-3 Whenever Amara triggers an elemental effect on an enemy, when that enemy dies that enemy explodes, deal her attuned element damage along with any other elemental that is currently inflicted upon that enemy. This skill has a short cooldown. 13 Damage, 8 second Cooldown

If you can punch elements you can do this with your fists and action skill, and dash.

|Conflux|Passive Ability|1-5|Whenever Amara applies an Elemental Effect to an enemy, she gains a chance to randomly Electrocute, Burn, or Melt that enemy.|7% Extra Effect Chance|
|Forceful Expression|Passive Ability|N/A|Amara’s guns deal Bonus Elemental Damage, based on her Action Skill Element.|11% of Damage Dealt as Bonus Elemental Damage|

Both of these should work as well.

Do Harm Passive Ability 1-5 Killing an enemy grants Amara a stack of Rush. Activating her action skill consumes all Rush stacks. For every stack Rush consumed, Amara’s Action Skill Damage is temporarily increased.

Action skill can be melee, so again more.

Violent Tapestry Passive Ability 1-5 Applying an Elemental Effect grants Amara a stack of Rush. Activating her action skill consumes all Rush stacks. For ever stack of Rush consumed, Amara’s Elemental Effect Chance is temporarily increased. 0.6% Effect Chance per stack consumed, 10 Rush stacks max, 20 second duration

Helps you dot with your fists

Laid Bare Passive Ability 1-3 Enemies take increased damage from all sources for a few seconds after being damaged by Amara’s Action Skill. 5% Damage Increase, 8 second duration

Kinda like kunai

So she has more than it seems at first


Have you had hands on?


No sadly i did not get any gameplay myself . However im noticing melee and elemental for most of the skill tree some gun damage boost too. She also has from the info provided some skills for running faster .
Edit : ) Brick was focused on destroying everything
Lilith was focused on more passive play
Roland was focused on run and gun
Salvador was focused on mass destruction
Zero was silent but great for fighting some raid bosses
Maya made a good run and gun / silent sneaky play character
as well as elemental maya
Willhelm and aurelia were the zero’s of pre sequel
Athena can some times oblitterate everything
And Jack is Jack simple as that

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Another question comes from when in the equation the modifiers hit. If roid shields are still a think in BL3 and apply to everything labeled melee damage including from action skills it could get ridiculous depending on where the bonus is inserted.


I think we underestimate her melee-abilities right now.

Just think about Illuminated Fists: It’s basically a 75% damage buff (multiplicative) on top of an 28% additive bonus when matching elements. And while that might be harder to do than ever, it will be an overall strong bonus nonetheless.

In addition to that we don’t know yet how her dash works and if that has a damage bonus built in. But they clearly had Athenas “Bloodrush” in mind when designing it, so I would assume at least a 50% multiplicative damage bonus.

Another variable is if melee-bonuses from guns affect her dash-attack. I have seen multiple different bonuses on weapons and every bit helps, even if it’s just 20%. The highest I’ve seen was +60% melee damage, which definitely should come in handy. And as already mentioned, we don’t know yet if Roid Shields will make a comeback.


I agree.

I am seeing an Athena like abilities in there combined with a Krieg. I am so excited to discover Amara’s combo myself.


I think Amara’s melee design is excellent. That tree has a good selection of tanky and health recovery selections. Very important for a melee character. Also there are more damage bonuses through melee than just Find Your Center. The tier 1 Personal Space just says damage, not gun damage, so its a safe assumption it applies to melee as well. Also Jab Cross is a big deal. Its unreasonable to assume you can fully replace gun use with melee in a game like this. Jab Cross gives melee an interaction with the gunplay that is so very much a focus of this game. I’d even say the rest of the tree, including the capstone, is designed around making the use of Jab Cross as easy and effective as possible.

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  • Personal Space : Amara’s weapon shots deal Bonus Damage based on the distance to her target. The closer the target, the greater the bonus.

says weapon shots, not all damage

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