Amara and The Eternal Fist

Amara’s Action skill The Eternal Fist is not proc-ing all of her Actions skill Augments. It seems the eternal fist (Allows for +4 enemies to be grasped) only works properly with Soul Sap. (On every grasp soul sap is activated) Now when equipping Stillness of mind, (enemies around are phaselocked) Allure (Creates a singularity on grasps) Revelation (Creates a nova on grasps) and Glamour (Enemies near grasped targets are confused) Only procs 1 time instead of the intended multiple like Soul Sap.

has anyone experienced this problem/bug or is it not preforming?

This has been the case since day one, and assumed to be how it’s designed.

I put in a ticket and was told to re install so i dont think ots meant to be this way

No the reinstall did not work

there are a load of bugs on amara action skill maybe one day when bl3 remaster hits the ps 5 we will see them fixed

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Ouch, I hope it doesn’t take /that/ long but it does seem like quite a few of them are buggy (it sounds like they fixed Fist Over Matter recently though?). Speaking of Eternal Fist, has anyone noticed the targeting (for lack of a better term) on it is really random sometimes?

It’ll pick up one person and jump to someone across the room instead of grabbing someone directly next to the previous target. This really screws with your chances of getting full use out of it too.

That’s why Ties That Bind is preferred to Eternal Fist, non speaking about Eternal Fist delaying your CD the longer the Phaseball is seeking a new target…
And just because of that last point, I would like Eternal Fist to be redesigned :sweat_smile:

These are all sad replies. i know shes strong with a lot of things but its bugs like this that i believe limit build diversity.

To me it seems like once they got part way in to creating the Action skill variants they realized how much work they had created and had to slap dash things together. Having a character with around 55 different action skill augment combos was probably more then the team bargained for. Each of her 11 action skills had to have a trigger for each of her 5 augments. Some of them needed unique triggers, some of them should have worked but just didn’t, some of the combos literally didn’t make any sence with how the Action skill was designed in the first place.

The team clearly felt like restricting Augments to a spicific tree compromised her identity compared to the other 3 who all add this restriction but different gimmicks. This choice then screwed up several cross tree interactions between cap stones, it created inconsistencies between what is classified as Action Skill damage when it comes to Skills that are triggered by Action skill damage, and at caused some skill combos like Ties that Bind and Stillness of the mind to be 10000% stronger then a skill combo like Fracture and Alure.

To make a short list Phasecast, Reverberation, Tise that Bind, Phaseslam and now Fist over matter are her best action skills. All these skills have the best success rates with majority of her Augments and passive skills. Ties that Bind is probably one of the most inconsistent but powerful of the bunch. Augments like Glamour are useless with it due to enemies becoming friendly last time I tested the combination making rendering the linked damage inoperable unless enemies walked in to range after the initial cast. Ties that Bind also seems to not active or stack Samsara dispite the links being classified as Action skill damage.

I hope EF, Fracture and the rest of the Phasecast variants get some attention and they look in to creating unique and useful triggers for each and every argument/ action combo giving Amara the diversity and flexibility we all though she would have pre launch.