Amara and the Shockra

Looking through the interactive skill trees, (you know, these ones: I noticed that Amara comes equipped with Shockra, a skill that causes her action skills to deal shock damage. Variants for fire and corrosive exist in the trees, but if you get those, you can’t get shock back without resetting the entire thing.
So I have to ask, is this intended? Because if so, I feel like she loses a lot of her versatility by removing the element that she once had. Sure, cryo and radiation are also missing, (and explosion, if you count that) but those were never there, whereas shock was. Besides, assuming we have the elemental weaknesses we’ve had before, shock would be the missing one in the trio.
Maybe this is just something where the skill tree simulator and the actual game vary, and you can unequip the elements in the actual thing, because otherwise, this seems like a very odd decision.
From the layout of the trees I can only guess that Shockra is intended to be somewhere in the Mystical Assault tree, but as it stands, it’s nowhere to be seen.

I think we will be able to switch those modificators freely as we wish. Same with removing elemental modificators, just remove one and u will get your Shockra back.

If you just unequip the Fire or Corrosive elements it resets back to Shock by itself. From the gameplay videos shown it shouldn’t be hard to do this, unless they do something drastic between now and release.

I guess that’s just a feature the interactive skill tree is missing then. I haven’t kept up with the gameplay shown, as I want to go in as blind as possible. (with the exception of the skills, gotta know who to pick after all) But if that’s a feature shown, then I guess there aren’t any issues on that part after all.