Amara AS setup seems...wrong

Maybe I’m missing something but does anyone else think it’s weird and a bit unfair or at the least inflexible/uninteresting that Amara’s AS has a permanent AS augment tied to it? If shock is the default AS element it should just be that by default without tying up an augment slot permanently. It basically means Amara only ever has 1 AS augment which just seems…wrong.

It would be like if Fl4k’s Rakk Attack put an unchangeable incendiary augment in one of the slots if you wanted to use Rakk Attack. Sure, if you want to change Rakk Attack to cryo instead of incendiary you have to use an augment slot but the default one doesn’t take up a slot. I just find it odd that an AS by default requires 2 slots. Again, maybe I’m missing something…

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i think you are missing something. amara augments and elements are the best since you can mix and match it with action skills.

you can change element by going into the action skills tab and hit manage action skills (it is square on PS4 not sure on other platform)

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I do agree that they could have made the element change something you can do without occupying any slot. But the anointments we get are really op so there’s that as well.

She also gets 3-4 variation on each action skill which is equivalent to a skill locked augment. Phaseslam and Phasecast variants need some love but all three varients of the basic Phasegrasp range from somewhat useful to game breaking.

It’s just a visual notation of which element you are using, the default being shock. You wouldn’t get 2 slots for augments even if you could choose not to equip an element.
Amara gets more Action Skills than any other character, 3 base ones and 8 derivatives. That is her equivalent of a second augment, not the element.

It’s such a shame Most of the action skills suck

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If they tweak the other action skills and augments I’m fine only having one augment. If that is what the OP is talking about, I’m still a little confused as to what he/she was saying.

Each Vault hunter has unique action skills. In past games everyone just had an action skill and passive skills. In BL3 Zane can use 2 action skills with 2 augments each, FL4K can use one action skill with 2 augments each and a pet, and Moze really only has one action skill, but choices of weapons (Which hopefully gets buffed). Amara is the only VH that can pick any augment with a variety of action skill choice. Some work, some don’t, some need a tweak. Not to mention the choice of element which not all action skill have the luxury of and if they do it takes up an augment slot.

That’s kind of my point. Fl4k’s Rakk Attack by default uses incendiary but it doesn’t take up an augment slot. If you want to change it then sure it does take up a slot but by default it doesn’t. It just seems odd that the default element for her AS also requires the augment slot.

I have only played Fl4k and Amara so far so I guess those are my only points of reference. Maybe it makes more sense in the grand scheme of all classes but still seems pretty meh.

As others have mentioned, Amara has a wide choice of action skills. 2/3 are direct damage attacks and Sirens have thematically been the elemental users in the BL universe, so it feels “true” to past Sirens that she could change the element of her action skills via an augment slot. Previously Sirens added elements to their action skills through skills, with the new system Amara is a passive elementalist.

Another thing others have mentioned is that she can mix and match her many action skills with all augments. She has some of the most outrageous augments in the game, lots of crowd control and area damage - Again “true” to the Sirens of past games - and again these typical Siren traits are now passively augmented by, well, augments, instead of skills in the skill trees.

She’s the most diverse and versatile vault hunter, as Sirens have always been, with a strong emphasis on elemental mastery. She even has a skill that, rather than augmenting her action skill like previous Siren skills, buffs her augments! I think Amara is by far the most interesting and well designed character in the Borderlands universe. Before her, I thought that was Athena, who despite not being a Siren (Hey Lilith, HINT HINT) was the Siren class of TPS.

Edit: One day I’ll make a post about that hint at Lilith, I’ve been discussing it with friends since I saw the ending. Where is Athena!? I hope she wasn’t on Elpis…

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Lilith as a playable vault hunter again with BL1 Lilith like but non-sirren abilities ?

No, Lilith passing her Siren powers down to Athena.

Would be cool because Athena did have a lot of fire base skills but I still think she’s alive until I see body