Amara Augment Glamour broken in latest patch

Gearbox decided to “fix” glamour in the latest patch so that enemies are turned into pets just like Fl4k “dominate” skill. When the game released, Glamour confused enemies while allowing them to be killed by players. The way the Skill Description makes it sound like it should work. Latest patch destroyed that.

The problem with that is now I’m turning a whole battlefield into my unkillable pets. No players are going to want to group up with someone constantly turning the battlefield into friendlies and wasting ammo.

The skill is supposed to make enemies confused and attack each other. Surely that can be accomplished without turning them into pets. Pets are not the same as a confused enemy. There is zero logical reason for this change.

Even thoughtlock allowed everyone to kill the target and that skill was from Borderlands 2. How can things go backward so many years later?

Please fix Glamour so that it is a proper “confusion” skill where enemies are killable. As it stands now, it’s an annoying pet skill that makes your action skill reuse timer much longer. The skill has zero usable function in a multiplayer game. It’s now a party trick.