Amara Avatar talent bugged with Phase Grasp or buff refreshing bugged?

So I wanted to go all out on CDR on Amara to maximize the uptime of all the “after skill use” buffs. I tried Avatar with Phase Grasp because it has the shortest cooldown of all skills. The problem is that it doesn’t always seem to work. Looks like it’s because the cooldown only starts after Phase Grasp has ended? I can’t tell how it works because sometimes it does, but sometimes it just entirely resets the Phase Grasp cooldown?

Also, a buff like “Helping Hands” does not refresh. So if I cast an action skill while it’s still active, it will end shortly after that, leaving me without the buff for the remainder of the cooldown. This means that Avatar effectively breaks the uptime of many buffs for Amara. I haven’t tested them all.

So is this a bug or a “feature”? Seems to really neuter what Amara her tree is about, which seems to be using her Action skill as often as possible.

I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I’m going to talk about the entire mechanic because I do believe it to be bugged, and there’s something you might not know.

So let’s say Avatar gives you 2 charges, which it sort of does in a way but not quite, but we’ll say so for clarity sake. If you use the first charge to hit an enemy and kill it, you get your second charge that you can use as intended any time during the cooldown of the first charge. Using it a second time though does seem to make the cooldown longer - which is especially noticable when youre 2 or 3 seconds from the first cooldown coming back up and you use the second one, and the game makes you wait a whole cooldown before getting both back. The best way to use the second charge would then be to only use it immediately after the first charge is over.

But wait, there’s more! If you use your first charge and kill an enemy, and then miss your second charge, then your action skill just comes back showing as up, and you’re stuck in your second charge completely no matter how long you wait. After using it, you have to wait a full cooldown to use the first charge, and get the second charge back.

In essence, don’t take Avatar with phasegrasp unless you’re going Phasezerker and Rush stacking with Ties that Bind.

Edit: Something I forgot to mention - if you use your first charge of phasegrasp and miss for whatever reason, and spam your action skill before the indicator comes up, you will accidentally forgo your first charge and use your second and be in the situation described earlier. This is because the skill technically goes on cooldown for 1, maybe 2 seconds before it’s officially back up.

Damn. That really sucks. This seemed like a good way to build until I got some better items. I noticed the exact same thing. However, sometimes I do get the extra cast after killing a Phaselocked enemy, sometimes I don’t. I do feel that you are right about the increased cooldown though. What’s Rush stacking with Ties that Bind? Do the Rush stacks and Rush stack effectiveness increase the linked damage? I was trying to make a build that would do just as good against solo enemies, hence why I skipped it.

Close but not quite! It’s the Do Harm stacks that maximize your damage. Which with the Phasezerker mod, you can stack pretty high.

I wrote an in-depth guide on the build and how it works. There are also gif examples there, as well as the whole schpeel I just gave you on avatar!

Alright, thanks a lot man. I checked out the guide, looks great.! It sounds exactly like something I was trying to achieve here, but couldn’t quite get to. I don’t have the class mod yet though. Would you say it’s really rare or easily farmable once I get to endgame?

I’ve been farming CoS for legendaries and I’ve gotten it quite a bit. In my experience, it’s the most common legendary siren mod

Good to know! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep trying to make my own builds until then and hopefully not run into too many more bugs or wonky interactions, haha. I think that I’ll stick with the regular Phase Grasp then for maximum uptime of all the buffs the trees give you after using a skill, like Helping Hands.

I never encountered that issue. I can always use it twice and then I let it cool down. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. :smile:

You can easily farm it from the Loot Tink in Jakobs Estate. It always spawns and the respawn point is right next to it. One run takes roughly ten seconds.

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