Amara bugged? dying to DoT a lot

when my shield gets destroyed by DoT i die instantly (or rather, 13K health melts away in 1 second)

also, at times “guardian angel” just doesn’t work after getting killed this way…

working as intended or not? i don’t realy see much in my build that could cause this much self damage?

oh and forgot to mention i do 0 damage during FFYL when this happens… (bar fills up but enemy loses 0 health then disapears in seconds)

Have you built into Anima by any chance? That has a habit of killing you when causing dot on yourself (by splash damage/barrels)

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yes, 10 points with classmod :sweat_smile:

might change it if that’s the one doing this hahaha (sounds like a major bug though)

10/5, oof yeah that’s going to hurt. It’s a great skill but like Moze’s Torgue Cross-Promotion it’s also dangerous (use that skill with a Nukem…)

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only problem, enemies that teabag you constantly hahahaha (even when you’re alive! no matter where i run, enemies allways manage to land on top of me and trigger DoT on myself with it)

but now i’m realy wondering if it’s working as intended hahaha

the self damage with dot plus anima is insane, it is much more than the original hit when firing yourself with screaming banshee for instance. I wish that kind of dot would be inflicted to the mobs.

i allready 1 shot everything hahahaha

might as well use an other skill hahahaha only problem is… the other options suck! who the hell needs weapon handling and accuracy???

yeah I started an anarchy phaseslam anoint build and I specced it out of habit but I am going to remove it as well, it is more suicidal than useful

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yeah it’s either, waste your points or kill yourself with that skilltree :rofl:

hell, looking at that skilltree… it has a LOT of useless crap in it…

it can be useful for the specific dot builds but if you are doing gun damage it is tiny

yeah but the other 2 options are useless in any build hahaha (accuracy and handling shouldn’t be a skill, period haha the anointments are useless, the guardian rank is useless and so are all the skills that improve it)

actually accuracy is not bad in my case as I use the anarchy shotty, but yeah in general not that useful

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i wish it worked more like the actual anarchy build in BL2 hahaha

shoot at the ground and pellets fly all over the place :smiley: (i remember i played slaughtershaft and with 1 shot my screen would turn into a red mist hahaha)

one would think you’d need it for guns like the maggie or the unforgiven… but i don’t even need a scope on those guns haha i can snipe perfectly fine with them :smiley:

Steady Hands is great, I’d never go without it. Better accuracy & handling = more hits & crits = more dps. Also it’s the only tier 1 red skill with no disadvantages.

It has a lot of great stuff actually. Tempest is a must have. Indiscriminate, Sustainment, Forceful Expression - all great skills. Deep Well is very useful too, as is Dread if you’re using Grasp.

i just specced into that tree to get some more DPS (and no other skills remained to put them)

wanted tempest but in order to reach it i needed 5 points in the first tier :frowning:

like i said, i 1 shot everything with my wedding invitation and instafreeze/kill the rest with my soulrender :rofl:

i no scope everything on my screen :slight_smile: more then half the guns have standard increased handling/accuracy :slight_smile:

having anointments AND skills on top of the guardian rank and standard weapon roll is just WAAAAAAY to much of something you don’t even notice after let’s say 25% increase