Amara bugged help

Just wondering me and my wife quit playing BL3 because every time she tried to play amara it crash our PS4 have they fixed this issues yet

How long ago did you two quit? They removed a couple Mayhem modifiers which were causing crashing issues (Boundary Issues and Drone Ranger). Ever since they did this, my crashing issues with Amara went from consistently crashing every 30 minutes or so to almost never.

Personally, I think there is still some issue with some of her abilities and the enemies which spawn because of Mayhem Modifiers (e.g. Buddy System and Healy Avenger), but those occur far less frequently than when Boundary Issues and Drone Ranger were still enabled.

I would say we quit playing 1-2 months ago

You should be good to go now minus crashes but the loot drops suck at the moment!

I haven’t had any Amara phazerker/ties that bind crashes in a few weeks so probably fixed now

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I’ve heard that Harmageddon (the Guardian perk) can cause crashes with Amara. I don’t seem to have that problem, but others have. You might try disabling it if you have it.

I haven’t either and I was getting them frequently. They stealth fixed something.