Amara Build - Phasezerker - Phaseslam - TVHM M3

The Build
This build was created with phaseslam anointed weapons in mind. Without further ado Here is the skill tree.

The core mechanics of this build is the legendary class mod Phasezerker that’ll grant weapon damage along with cooldown reduction based on our rush stacks, allowing us to abuse our anointed weapons 300% extra damage.

The Skill Tree

Mystical Assault

  • Do Harm 2/5: I don’t put a focus on ability damage but a little extra is nice & these are mostly filler points.
  • Fast Hands 3/3: Swap speed is the focus here, being able to swap to needed elemental gun quicker is fantastic, also faster reloads.
  • Violent Tapestry 1/5: Simply for gaining rush stacks, can be but into Do Harm if desired.
  • Alacrity 5/5: That reload speed!
  • Transcend 3/3: Extra crit damage and accuracy always helps combos well with our ability usage.
  • Restless 0/5: Hear me out, the class mod can give 250% cdr thus this 25% doesn’t have a huge impact compared to say alacrity’s extra reload speed.
  • Ascendant 1/1: Gives a good boost the our two main augments.
  • From Rest 3/3: Allows comfortable use of Maliwan weapons along with a blanket fire rate boost
  • Laid Bare 3/3: Seeing as we use our ability very often this just boosts our damage further.
  • Wrath 3/3: Just more damage.
  • Remnant 1/3: One point here purely for the overkill damage potential while mobbing.
  • Awakening 0/3: From my testing it doesn’t effect Phasezerker thus I swapped this skill for From Rest, both are viable I just get more use out of From Rest.
  • Avatar: More rush stacks, just everything we need to use phaseslam more.


  • Root to Rise 2/5: More hp thus more hp regen from Samsara.
  • Personal Space 3/3: Quite a hefty dmg boost if you play close range, if your feeling too squishy put these points into Root to Rise or Clarity.
  • Clarity 0/5: A good skill, if you find yourself dying by dots try allotting some points here, keep in mind one of Phasezerkers possible skills is Clarity.
  • Samsara 3/3: Our main source of regen, we will have to play off hitting groups with Phaseslam so positioning and timing matters with this one.
  • Helping Hands 3/5: Damage reduction after our action skill which we’re all about using often.

Fist of the Elements


Anima 5/5: Longer more powerful dots, mostly more damage here.
Tempest 5/5: Stronger elemental damage, combo’d with anima & our elements gain a significant boost.
Dread 1/1: Used in combination with Stillness of Mind for more mobbing damage.

With this setup we unfortunately don’t get Sustainment but we grab up as much damage as possible. If your feeling squishy you can always ditch the Fist of the Elements tree & pick up more defensive skills in brawl, or on the flip side ditch Brawl to go more into Fist of the Elementa & get Sustainment.

For skill augments we use Stillness of Mind when possible (everything but bossing) and we switch over to Soul Sap for bossing.

The Gear
Below are some examples of gear I’m currently using, there are more weapons that are viable then what I’m showing, these are simply the ones I currently had.


BinaryCutsman BrainStormer Crossroad Laser-Sploder Redline ShockingAAA TheDictator
BrawlerWard TheTransformer
Class Mod

Finally the icing on top we can slightly abuse our artifact, if we choose to use elemental projector type artifacts (Boost elemental damage of the type currently suffering from) and use a low level splash weapon to self inflict said element then we gain a significant damage boost.

Little bit of info on how the artifact and phaseslam anointed gear stacks.


All numbers come from shooting the companion located in gear at a Catch-A-Ride spawned Technical, on TVHM Mayhem 0, all from the same distance. The used character does have guardian ranks so some variance may happen.

No Skills, No Class Mod (Respec’d & 0 points spent)
Regular base gun shots

Onfire (artifact boost)

Anointed boost (Used phaseslam)

Both Onfire and Anointed boost

Fully Skilled and Geared
Regular base gun shots

Onfire (artifact boost)

Anointed boost (Used phaseslam)

Both Onfire and Anointed boost


you got gameplay vids?

Can you explain how th slam relics work with phaseslam? Those that add elemental damage to slam boosts your actual elemental gun damage? Or is it just the phaseslams damage?

I feel like that Phasezerker mod is going to be real,y prevalent in many builds because it’s a ton of utility for minimal skill point investment.

I feel like things were playtested less than BL2 which seems insane given the timeline.

Yeah all of the other mods are garbage on the siren class except the breaker which is good. Every class only hasn’t one or two viable Mods. In all the other borderlands games you had amazing blues and purples but don’t do not exist here.

Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing it.

Is this something that was tested and confirmed or is it a hypothesis?

So I did some testing & I was wrong! Fixed up the original post to reflect the changes.