Amara build question

My ties that bind build just wasn’t strong enough for maliwan m4 solo. I tried the amara recursion build and its just not nearly as strong as i’ve seen in videos or with players ive cooped with. i have an elemental projecter, a transformer with corrosive ASE, a recursion with corrosive/shock and the spiritual mod. I do not have a grenade with an ase skill, is this why my build feels like crap? i feel underpowered if im facing a single bad ass.

Amara nerds, what am i doing wrong? thanks!!!

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If you have a grenade with ASE an element different to the shield that will give a good boost, as will a 3rd element or 100% damage on the gun. That’s the combo you’d see in the videos that melt, they’re doing 150% more damage than you currently are with the extra 2 annoint.

thanks, i guess i’ll have to farm for a decent grenade, mine are all old. one thing about annointment changes is it completely invalidates gear you’ve farmed for in the past, i know this is by design but makes the game a bit crappy to return to

Don’t worry to much about the grenade itself. The annointments is worth more to you than throwing the best grenade in the game. Just check every purple or even blue drop for the right ASE, and keep checking vending machines. Doesn’t take long, I keep one of each element in my backpack.

didnt know ase annointments spawned in vending machines, you’ve been very helpful!

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You won’t find a legendary one but yeah purples pop all the time, don’t just look at item of the day though it can be lower.

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I used green nades for ages until I slowly came across better options. It really is just the anoint you are looking for.

Recursions themselves do not need to be anointed. Double projectile ones work a bit better, and anoints with the +elemental damage for next two mags. Apparently, the power behind the recursions are the ASE elemental damage boosts on nades, shields, and on the weapon. These will add extra projectiles to the bounce.

I also recommend running the takedown sans mayhem to get used to the spawns and overall flow. Once you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that bad, granted you can go down pretty fast regardless

i have the spooling i think, what does that one do?

That’s a prefix for it, I believe. Not sure what it does. Most of my recursions are spooling, but they have different parts

I hate to sound totally out of the loop, but what does ASE mean? And why a grenade with an element different from your shield? Also, someone mentions ‘recursions’ further down. Can you give some context?

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Action Skill End

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Ah. Thank you.

The different elemental ASE Anointments are because they don’t stack with each other, so for example, if you have +50% fire on both shield and grenade, you will only get the bonus once, not both of them.

The recursion shotguns abuse this a bit. Their native red text is that they ricochet shots. With the ASE elemental anointments, that for some weird reason multiplies the number of projectiles on the ricochet shots. This has something to do with how BL treats bullet penetration and ricochet.

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they’ve already tried to nerf it but I think the issue is rooted so deeply in the core mechanics they may not be able to.

They just made it not gain anything from indiscriminate, which sucks, but the only real difference is there is more herding involved now.

On a side note, the legendary versions of the redistributors are tons of fun on the mobbing bits of the takedown

I just think its funny they’re going to keep providing over the top difficulty levels but go out of their way to stop intricately designed powerful builds that take dedicated farming to play these difficulties.

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Wholeheartedly agree with that!

hey thanks again, i got the build working. funnily enough i dont find it very fun despite the power due to having to switch coms to get ammo mid fight and it being so bad against single enemies, but still a fun option to switch to for the m4 raid.

anyone interested in this build but don’t have the pieces, i wouldn’t bust your ass for this build. its powerful but its just so gear specific and doesn’t feel worth it to me.

i know this is by design but makes the game a bit crappy to return to
Wait until you have to re-farm everything you have when the level cap goes up to 72!!!