Amara Build Recommendations

Hi again guys,

Not too sure what’s meta currently so looking for any suggestions on really good Amara builds that I can work towards as well as gear suggestions etc.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Here’s everything you need:

They’re updated to level 65 already.


I find the most dangerous and effective build at the moment to be:

Muse COM with max Illuminated Fist - melee, splash area, splash damage/weapon damage (thanks @mikerushton for pointing out my brainfart)
x14 Face Puncher - 300/90 anoint
Stinger shield - ASS anoint
White Elephant or Commander Planetoid artifact elemental stone prefix for damage, cutpurse for ammo regen.

Sub a phasezerker COM if you don’t have a Muse yet.

You can trivially annihilate anything.

For the tree, go to Avatar in Blue, to one point in Sustainment in red, and at least to FYC in green. That leaves points for how you want to use them.

Something like this for skills:

Spec TTB, Revelation.

For stuff far away, grasp with ties, and Revelation will ensure that everything dies. If something doesn’t (the thing you are holding) just shoot it with your puncher.

Once things close with you, using your action skill will proc a stinger nova, which will kill everything easily.

Finally, with the Muse and Remnant, shooting a mob (which will kill it if you have everything set right) will proc TWO homing splash attacks that will kill whatever they hit as well, and which will supercharge your next attacks with Groundbreaker and Overkill.

Have you found a +5 Illuminated Fist Muse? Best I’ve found is +3.

Also, FYI, the “Shotgun” bonus doesn’t apply to the Face-puncher, but the “Weapon” bonus does. See [Guide] Melee / Face-puncher formulas and analysis. Although if you’re using White Elephant perhaps splash damage would be better.

Yeah, I spaced that when typing: I meant weapon damage (though I use Splash damage myself).

I’ve only found a +3 IF Muse so far. I heard it was confirmed by data mining that +3 is all you can get. Though the Muse can also go +5 in LB which is also pretty insane.

Illuminated First should never receive more than one from a com unless they changed something. The most points a skill should receive is double the max tree points. Eg. 1 for 1, 3 for 3, 5 for 5.

Yeah, I gave this type of build a try this weekend, and it absolutely melts. Loving it tbh, not gonna lie. I like just rushing in holding my lineoge (300dmg) and phasegrasping the closest enemy and watch the mayhem begin haha.

Also this build kills bosses without even shooting or punching or throwing even a grenade, not even action skill dmg needed.
Heck, I killed Lillith (good example, big hp pool) with only my shield, a 100% melee lineoge and the melee relic (forgot the name, the fire one, wich gives a huge dot dmg) and just running up to her and let her break my shield and down she goes…

Hmmm, I think I might have recorded some of that this weekend, I’ll try and load it up to the tubes.

They changed this for the Muse COM evidently. IF is confirmed (personally, I’ve got one that dropped from Lilith) to go up to +3 IF and up to +5 LB.

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Good to know. Now if I could only get her to drop one :joy:.

I just dropped one from Lilith with +2 in illuminated fist, so +225% melee damage in total . Pretty sweet. Though I’d love one with another melee bonus in the bottom stats. My previous muse had a bonus to Hyperion fire rate which was pretty nice too, since the face puncher is Hyperion.

The drop rate for Muse is roughly 10-12% from Lilith, according to a zkarmaa video where he did hundreds of trials. I think it took me about 20 tries though to get this one (my previous muse dropped effortlessly while playing the story - not farming - as Zane :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)