Amara Class Mod buff Ideas

Possible Class Mod Buffs/Reworks for Amara

Driver and Phasezerker are good and are the only class mods really used. The rest need some work. Some just need slight tweaks into what points they could go into and others need more benefits to their unique perks. I have no idea if these are even possible but here are my ideas.

Perk Changes

Ties that Bind- Lesson Damage or increase the cool down a lot. There’s not really a point of using Eternal Fist or Fist over Matter. (Maybe buff those)

Sustainment- 2% life steal with elemental guns per point instead of 4%.
Life steal is a boring mechanic and is a crutch. Finds other ways to take less damage and heal.

Class Mod Changes

  • Breaker (Tank Class Mod)

Increase damage reduction up to 50% based on how close. Increase Damage taken by 15% based on how far away.
Points into Personal space, Guardian Angel (90 sec when 2/1), Root to Rise
Get a lot of benefits for being really close, slight penalty for being far away. Could synchronize well with the Rough Rider or Adrenaline Intuitive shields. Removing they melee aspects of this to move to the dragon.

  • Nimbus (Cloud Kill)

Allow the total DoT of all currently equipped guns instead of running around with ION cannon. Maybe lower the 25 damage it’s too much.
Points into Restless, Tempest, Anima
Nimbus is a Niches class mod but could be really cool when built around it. Points into
Restless, Tempest and Anima help do more damage and get better cooldown.

  • Golden Rule (Action Skill Use/ Damage)

Keep the same effect. Add passive action skill damage 20% (like FL4Ks friend bot). Add 5% chance to instantly cool down your action skill while taking damage and deal 200% bonus action skill damage on next use.
Points into Samsara, Laid Bare, Do Harm
This would be a great change and would be the crazy action skill damage class mod and synchronize well with Samsara and Laid Bare. Plus the 5% chance perk fits with theme of the Casino DLC.

  • Dragon ( Melee Class Mod)

Keep the same effect
Points into Find Your Center, Remnant, Jab Cross
Really good melee com. If one hit killing you proc augments and remnant overkill orbs.

  • Elementalist (Most common class mod, good for early game/early mayhem)

Keep the same effect.
Points into Wildfire, Dread, Sustainment
I know I contradict myself with lifesteal but this class mod has the weakest effect so give it one of the best abilities.

  • Stone (Another Tank Class mod) This one probably needs a complete rework, but here’s my idea for a slight buff.

Change the damage reduction from 3% to 3.5% per rush stack to make it better than the Breaker class mod. Keep the rest the same.
Points into Violent Tapestry, Alacrity, Do Harm. (Build up stacks)
This class mod is weird and relies on not using your action skill because you lose your stacks. So you sacrifice your action skill but get greatly reduced damage up to 87.5% with 25 stacks. And if you do use your action skill you get the benefits from Violent Tapestry, Alacrity and Do Harm

Thoughts? How could Gearbox improve the underperforming class mods? Zane also needs a lot of class mod buffs btw.

I’ve always been disappointed with the Dragon class mod. I thought it would be more fun if it removed the cooldown from the Blitz skill than proc’ing an augment on melee kill.

For the Stone mod, would it be better if it worked just like Phasezerker with the swapping of 3% damage for 3% damage reduction? It would be the tank class mod for the Mystical Assault since the Breaker is more aligned for Tank mod for the Brawl tree.

As for Breaker, 29% damage reduction based on distance is boring, especially since you can get a straight 20% damage reduction on the random rolled stats with no distance requirement. I think it would be cool if this had some synergy with helping hands talent. I haven’t fully thought it out, but keeping the damage reduction based on distance and while helping hands is active you take even less damage from the sides and behind. Kind of like the back ham shield.

I like your idea for the Golden Rule.