Amara Class Mod "carpet elementalist"

I am doing build test at the moment… trying to understand…

(BTW it’s frustrating how skill description is not all that clear and testing is tedious, i.e. TP to ship, respec, TP area, could we have a few dummies?)

At any rate I got a carpet elementalist

Which I just tried with “Phasegrasp” and “Stillness of Mind”
Nothing seemed to “apply”.
I got some bonus an action skill damage, none were activated…
What does this “apply” do?

EDIT My bad… there was no enemy near by… problem solved ^^

I do most of my testing on Pandora it’s a fast travel station there and a quick change station much faster than going to sanctuary

Can’t remember what that my does but I do know I like nimbus better i did some testing a couple weeks ago I think the dots from element hit faster and nimbus slower but they hit harder can’t remember time to go test

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I also have a nimbus!
And good idea for Pandora, gotta give it a try, thanks mate! :smiley:

No problem

Had a backwards element hits harder which makes sense because it’s locked to grip where nimbus can be used with any action skill

ha… good to know… I was a little confuse… my elementalist seemed better…

I am trying to decide myself between phazerker and elementalist right now…
Phazerker is too good :open_mouth: checking of alternatives work!

Nimbus is lacking hard in damage but I do like the skill points it gives me

So is elementalist any good or not? Hard to take away from this thread if it is lol. I just went to use something else other than phasezerker for once.

It’s great mix it with ties that bind and for the augments either the singularity to pull in more enemies closer so they can get hit by the dots or stillness of mind stillness will be a lot better

It’s a shame they didn’t give it anima that would have actually benefited the mod unlike the phasezerker but for whatever reason they chose to give phaszerker th best legendary perks and the best skills as well :man_shrugging:

The worst part is that Gearbox, instead of heavily buffing this com, they’re just letting it sit dead. It literally does nothing. The DOT damage with this is so low that it literally just tickles enemies. Wish they would rework it.