Amara Cryo Build in Progress

This is quick snip of the build on Mayhem 3 with neutral modifiers

I know my points aren’t allocated efficiently, I’m currently testing a bunch of different things.

The point of the build is to be focused on Cryo damage while also stacking random dots on top of enemies. The build benefits from doing splash damage as well as freezing enemies for a splash damage multiplier.

I personally like running the nimbus mod with Projectile Recursion for the high cloud DoTs on main target. The Ricochet affect also makes it so you can easily freeze an entire crowd of enemies stacking multiple DoTs on them and most of the time just killing the whole crowd in a few shots.

I’m really curious to know if anyone knows which of Amara’s skills affects Cryo damage in an official way, or should I just focus on building up overall elemental damage. I do know I need to put more emphasis on survivabilty which is why I had points in Samsara. I would normally use FoE to get Samsara stacks, I just didn’t make use of it in that clip.

I always wanted to run a Cryo Build, but I was inspired to run multi elemental by this guy


Nimbus Damage Observations

Current Skill Allocation



I wish they would buff the Nimbus “standard” DoT. Nice to see others not using the phasezerker for everything. Nimbus isn’t really doing much. Projectile Recursion is just insane on Amara with Indiscriminate. It’s doing most of the heavy lifting.

I remember reading something about Amara’s anointed effect that makes here constantly erupt in novas when Phasegrasping a target interacting with the Frozen Heart shield.
I believe it makes enemies freeze when they are damaged but it sounded unintentional. If it was then that is hands down going to be one of the best set ups for Cryo Amara. Just get a frozen heart with that Anoint and use Phasezerker with Avatar for 80% up time.

i run a Cryo Crossroad amara phasecast build. this gun is very good at freezing targets solid due to its high single target dps. using a 250% phasecast/phaseslam annointed one is recommended.

one thing i would recommend is a ice artifact like the one you have but you need extra Cryo efficiency and/or cryo damage so things will freeze solid quicker. the quicker they freeze solid, the quicker the 50% bonus damage takes affect.

i urge you to read this post on reddit explaining cryo mehcanics thoroughly which will help you get more of an understanding of cryo.

as for amara’s skills. violent tapestry does nothing. because cryo does not have a status effect chance as it i always applied. it isnt considered a status effect at all thus anima does not increase its damage at all(it might increase the time a frozen solid target stays frozen but have not tested this). tempest does increase its damage the gun and cryo damage but there is no dot.

i would not use infusion as this will reduce the cryo damage your gun does which will mean that the enemy will take longer to freeze solid. also infusion is reducing your sustainment heal.

Cryo is weak against shields. a couple of shots from a brainstormer against a group will shread the majority of shielding before you do your cryo stuff would be most efficient.

i will also say that cryo makes most sense against targets with both armour and health. if a target has shield and health. then a fire gun with shock forecful expression is actually more efficient.

I appreciate all of the input. Keep in mind this builds also focused on Multi-Elemental DOTs while also freezing enemies. So the enemies frozen or not will be taking damage from different elements simultaneously. Basically immobilizing groups of enemies can making them die a quick or slow death from DoTs.

I’ll try this without Violent Tapestry to see if I can move the points somewhere else, but I think it helps with my Nimbus DoTs (10k against shields while holding Projectile Recursion) and secondary DoTs from Conflux.

Something I’ve noticed is that Projectile Recursion has a very high freezing chance because the shot constantly ricochets between enemies. I can instantly freeze a group of enemies, if not outright kill them all of it’s 4 or more enemies linked.

I was running Fire Infusion to burst enemies down after I got rid of the Armor, but the infusion chart makes it seem like Shock/Cryo is a better deal. I’ll do more testing on Shatter Star. I do know Fire/Cryo does wonders on Anointed enemies.

It would actually be tertiary DOTs from Conflux. Nimbus has a standard weak DOT that will proc the much stronger secondary DOT. This dot scales with some combination of elemental damage and base damage listed on the card. (I stopped trying to figure it out because it was so inconsistant.) This secondary DOT also has a proc chance of your gun. This secondary DOT also doesn’t snapshot, so switching to a much weaker gun while the cloud is active will lower the DOT as soon as the new gun procs.

Conflux would be the tertiary DOT, not counting any DOT from your weapon shot, which would make it quaternary. Quinary if you are using an anointed gun with a different element.

Thank you, I know all of this I read you post on another topic regarding Nimbus. When I refer to the nimbus DoT, I’m referring to the Damage of Time Effect inflected by the damage enemies take from the nimbus cloud. I refer to the damage done by the Nimbus cloud as the damage done by the nimbus cloud. The Primary Weapon in this build is Projectile Recursion due to it’s ability to spread Cryo everywhere with high damage. Also mode switch if necessary.

In other news, I stumbled on something that was shockingly obvious from another post.

The “While Terrified deal 50% Cryo Damage” is also applied to the Nimbus Damage as well as damage from the Red Wire shield. I added a Terror Anointed Kill-o’-The-Wisp to my build and it’s ridiculous.

I’m going to try to get a video with Neutral modifiers with the current build I’m running.

I see your point. Amara provides so many viable Play styles and build that can clear slaughtershaft on mayhem 3 compared to the other vault hunters.

My play style is more run and gun. I like to look each of my enemies in the eyes before I kill em. Call me old fashioned.

I like using run and gun band of sitorak shield which is a quirky shield. 25% max health. And When depleted you go all out berserker and get 10% movement speed, 22% damage and 10% fire rate. Very small shield capacity of 1200 With a 2second recharge delay and 3000 recharge rate! Which basically instantly fully shields you so you can benefit from topped off action skill cooldown. You get buffed shielded and depleted.

I use green tree to achieve a total of 13.6k health and damage reduction and guardian angel whilst getting sustainment from red tree.

Phasecast with allure.

I actively seek the toughest modifiers possible otherwise slaughtershaft/slaughter star feels too easy.

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Seems like it should do well. Bonus from cryo is a definite buff.

I just wish the Nimbus was better for all guns. It kind of limits you to kill o the wasp, x1 Projectile Recursion, and what ever else has 6-9k elemental damage.

Ran with a friend last night and I pretty much carried us through Slaughter Shaft & Slaughter Star because he was experimenting with different Zane builds.

I decided to switch over to a DPS focus which is basically dropping the Brawl tree and putting those points into Mystal Assault. Because of that I decided to put on my Phazezerker mod and a +50% Cryo Stalker.

This instantly became a 1 shot cryo build. Anything that wasn’t instantly killed was frozen. It just a confetti of ice and floating blue orbs of death.

It’s rough seeing how unbalanced some of the “suggested” builds are.

Brawler & Nimbus can be strong in their own right, but Phazezerker is basically a do it all mod.

There also Elementalist & Dragon legendary comes which we utter garbage.

Also I want to slap myself in the face for Trashing a +50% Cryo Monocle. That would have been perfection with a 1 shot cryo build, sadly I didnt feel like moving around my bank and inventory to make space for it.

EDIT I thought survivability would suffer until I noticed I was healing my friend and I for 40-50k per phase cast…

the shield frozen heart has a hidden effect that is likely written as “novas freeze 100% of the time” which was the shields effect. with a god roll anointment that spams novas.its just gaining that effect. her anointment takes into consideration the element of the item its on, and the nova becomes that element. novas have a hidden stat on them of “status effect chance” most of them default at a lower number but since its taking the shields stats into consideration, which is 100% freeze chance. its gaining that as well.