Amara cryo question

I’m still trying to get 100 cryo kills in heck and having a bit of trouble. I’m only using cryo weapons and last run (on mayhem 3) I only got 1 cryo kill. Is there any tips for getting this done more efficiently?

Make sure you don’t have Infusion or Forceful Expression.

also the cryo has to be the element that delivers the final blow.
if you phasegrasp with ties that bind and kill 5 guys and the targeted one was killed with cryo but your element is not cryo (cant be) then the other 4 guys wont count.

Also worth noting: you have to kill Haunted enemies with Cryo, not just any enemy.

The another gotya is if you are using a Night Hawkins at night it’s fire element, and it’s always night in heck.

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Try Cryo Stone artifact and use melee. I did that challenge in 3 runs with Amara.

And honestly I don’t know why people have any problems with that challenge. I did one run through Heck with FL4K using cryo Lucian’s Call for most of the time and after that I had 31 kills with cryo.