Amara destroys Killavolt

hi guys!

at the moment i’m farming killavolt for an anointed redundant brainstormer. till now i’ve around 200 kills so far. one of my runs was imho a good one. therefore i wanna share it with you.

here we go:




Good kill

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I was farming him yesterday with melee Amara and one of my kills was two or three shots from Face Puncher for the shield and one shot for the health. No anointed Brainstormer thou :confused:

Have any of y’all instaganked Katagawa Jr? Because it’s satisfying as hell. Zero second death :joy:

Yup, he is so easy sometimes.

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Poor Quality, but it works on M3 most of the time. I’m gonna get a good recording (though my partner has some good Third person takes)

Edit: In future Versions I do it with zero shots fired.

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Nice. I want to see the no ■■■■ fired version

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As soon as I can get it to capture right (though, actually, I know SpaceRobots got footage of it happening in third person). My audio capture has been ganky as hell and I’m so mad about it.

Today, my 3rd playthrough as Amara, I killed the warden before he evolved the first time.

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Had to pause that video to see what amazing grenade that was. Wow!

Omg, I got the video. Lol. Just gotta edit out the failed run and the extra stuff. :slight_smile:

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NICE! :slight_smile: I love it! I’ll go tag you over in mine. :slight_smile: