Amara Elemental gun damage for Noob

I am old and slow… I miss all of my shots… and I have little of those “important legendary item” that builds uses… (haven’t farmed much yet, was just trying to 100% all the zone through my 2 playthrough so far, just starting the slaughter areas now)

Anyway… if like me you are not one of those ace player… here is a build in a quick and concise version that should help you go through Mayhem 2 with ease! :smiley:

First I was inspired by that video from Moxsi, he build a kind of Amara build and play style that I like.
Shock & Awe Amara Build, by Moxsi

My build:
(I changed it a bit, more life regen, and proc chance, less crit damage)
Amara Elemental Gunslinger, for Noob

What I like about it:

  • Lots of health regen (“sustainment”, “clarity”, “helping hands”)
  • Grasp multiple enemies at once, proc them hard, don’t drop them when they are damaged (“ties that bind” and “stillness of mind” combo) (Remark those purple enemies with invulnerability shield, once grasped are easy game! :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • double elemental damage (gun: either electric, or corrosive or whatever) and whatever different element is your action skill

I do have 3 cool legendaries:

  • The phazerker, no idea where I found it

  • This awesome gun, was a world drop like 3 times in 2 playthrough. But I think any other weapon with high elemental damage (electric or corrosive, to complement action skill) would work just as well, like a sniper rifle or shotgun

  • This class mod, Moxsi explain where to farm it, I have no luck getting a level 50 after 6 tries… But I got a level 27 one, works just as well since I am after the +20% proc and the red text must mean some auto jump to multiple target, always proc multiple target when I equip it, even level 27 is awesome

    With that, Melting Mayhem 2, woohoo! :smiley:

Against bosses, haven’t tested yet, but I think a action skill swap would be in order, I’ll would take the mystical assault phasecast with heal version
Phasecast with Heals

I’m running a Phasegrasp build, but for bosses I switch to Phasecast (specifically Deliverance).

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Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say! ^^
But you can see on the last link it’s what I do! :smiley:

Had a break…
Mmm… why deliverance… if there is only one enemy?

Mm… is it because most boss fight have minions, and you can get more heals with the deliverance projectiles?

Couple suggestions,

  1. Pick either sustainment or infusion in the elemental tree, but not both. Reason being the damage converted to elemental by infusion does not count toward the regen of sustainment.

  2. Put only one point in Violent tapestry. Reason is those extra points don’t do much because speccing into the elemental tree puts your DoT proc chance so high that those extra points in Violent tapestry provide little to no added benefit.

  3. Ties that bind works with soul tap, and as you no doubt have noticed, that’s a lot of regen and there is no cooldown hit from it. Switching that way gives you more up time on ties that bind, and free’s up skill points put into other regen skills so you can spend them elsewhere.

Here’s a pistol that I use. I’d say it’s better in your use case because it’s semi-automatic with good handling and accuracy. Does high damage, fast fire rate, decent reload speed.

I don’t exactly know why, … maybe it’s 13 fire per seconds times ~700 times 2 damage + electric damage… but this pistol is my best weapon by far!: o
I doubt a random white weapon outclass it…
but ok, I will check, to be sure! :smiley:

my bad, it’s another legendary… oh well… I do with what I can…
none of my SMG beat the pistol :frowning:
I got some hope with Shotgun though… :smiley: