AMARA - Elemental Projector + Phasecast Cutsman

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a gameplay video of my Amara. The skill build is basically Twixled’s, the same build I used in my previous elemental Amara vid. This isn’t really a build guide, or a new build, more of a gameplay showcase that shows what you can achieve with @Twixled 's Ties That Bind/Phasezerker build with just a few gear changes.

The difference is, the build in this vid takes advantage of an incendiary Cutsman that has a +250% weapon damage after a phasecast use anointed perk. It also uses an elemental projector artifact to boost your elemental damage. It’s very viable in boss killing and in general use.

I’d like to point out that all clips in the vid where done in maps that have neutral mayhem modifiers to gun/incendiary damage. It still works in maps that have negative incendiary/gun mayhem modifiers due to having big damage boosts, just takes a bit longer than with neutral modifiers.

The main point of the vid is to show that if you’re using a Ties That Bind + phasezerker build and want to do some boss killing or just want some more damage, you can do that just by some simple gear swaps.


-Anointed perk: after using phasecast, weapon damage is increased by 250% for a short time

+22% weapon damage while shield is depleted
+25% max health
+10% max health
-used for more weapon damage if you’re not worried about survivability; otherwise, I use The Transformer (specially in places like Slaughter Shaft)


  • for triggering Elemental Projector elemental damage boost

-for more weapon damage and faster skill cooldowns

+183% elemental damage boost to a specific element when you are suffering an elemental effect of the same element
+18% of max health restored after a kill


If anyone is interested in the gear/stuff I use, and is on PC, leave your Epic ID in the comments section and I will add you and send you the stuff you want, or just add my ID: Razxiel. Just let me know which item you need and I’ll send it as soon as possible.

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The Cutsman is extremely powerful on stationary targets (most bosses), especially when combined with projector, so is the Lyuda. Thanks for sharing some gameplay.
Just some recommendations:

  • Alacrity doesn’t work at all, those three skill points are wasted.
  • Remnant isn’t worth more than 1 skill point. Most of its damage comes from overkill and that portion doesn’t scale with points invested. It also is bugged and stops working after some time.
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Gotcha, thanks! I didn’t really respec from my old phasezerker/phasegrasp build that was based on Twixled’s, just wanted to see what I can do with the same build but different gear/ability/purpose before I respec to some melee fun again.

About Alacrity, should I put it into, let’s say, Restless? It doesn’t increase reload speed at all? Hopefully that’s just a bug if so.

Thanks again!

Very Brave of you to use the Cutsman on Mobs. RIP Ammo.

Honestly, it worked out really well in Slaughter Shaft. I never ran out of ammo during each round. Lowest I got to was probably around 600 or so. After every round (all 5 waves of each round) I went back to the ammo vending machine to replenish.

I was running out of grenades though during wave 5 of round 5, as I wasn’t killing as fast as the previous rounds/waves as I had to be really careful or else I’ll die lol

Correct. A few points in Restless to progress further down the tree and the rest into Wrath or Awakening.

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Alright, thanks for the tips! Good thing we have number crunchers and extensive skill/build testers!