Amara final form melee build

Amara face punch testing
Infusion works
Melee and weapon dmg sub stats on relics work
Anima works
Tempest works
Illuminated fist works
Catharsis works
conflux works
Personal space don’t
Samsara doesn’t work
Find your center works
Job cross don’t work
It seem face puncher annointed melee and brawler ward annointed melee doesn’t work so you need face puncher 300% weapon damage
Artifacts that alter or gain beneifits from melee trigger from face puncher
Artifact for most part are multiplicative witch basically if you have 300% melee and use a relic with 100% added fire it do it not like 100%+300% but 100% x 300%
Grey stats seem to give more value than they say u have a gun damage 25 and melee 50 and it’s out damaging my solitary break with no increase to grey stats which should be 100 also ive tested and stats that don’t go down skill tree but have skill point still work because I have no skill point I took it on and off to test it
So a redudant 300% weapon damage face puncher and a 200% with a rope a dope solitary do 15k without action skills and when I put on a rad imbue relic 80% it jumped to 27

Most of the skills that don’t work make sense because they are gun damage. But infusion working is odd.

Infusion doesn’t work for me

Did you have a elements relic on?

Yes captain planetoid affect all your melee

Try removing it and see if infusion still works

Infusion does work I took off all my gear
Already during testing

Um infusion depends on your action skill element so if it’s basic and you use shock then shock will not really be notice cause u got another skill that add shock

OK maybe it’s a bug on my end

Illuminated fist also doesn’t work for me

So it’s definitely on my end thanks for all the help

Easy way to tell change it to corrosive then see if it works

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Infusions working for me now so that’s good

Illuminated fist isn’t I get the melee damage boost just not the element unless I have infusion on

Infusion works for me um u can tell by the shock dmg

Are you piecing other elements ?

Yep Get infusion to work just not Illuminated fist element damage

luminated fist doesn’t give me the element on my melee attack on the face puncher but it does on my base melee

Like when I shoot it it does normal damage but if I have infusion on it will do element damage but without infusion it’s normal damage even with illuminated fist

You have to imbue it
With an element

Use a relic

Got it I just assumed it would add the element to the shotgun because it’s doing melee damage like it does with your melee attacks

Thanks for all the help yet again

Yeh it take dmg from an element so if u have a element that where thedamage will turn shock

White Elephant also adds its effects to Face Puncher shots, and as far as I can tell it procs per pellet so you have a huge chance to load up enemies with multiple sticky bombs.

Yes anything that affects melee in relic affects face puncher per pellet

I heard it’s a life’s stealing white elephant somewhere would love to have it