Amara, Fl4k or Moze for second campaign

So, I’m starting my TVHM campaign with Zane and while I’m enjoying him and his action skill-focused gameplay style quite a bit, I’m reaching a point that I want to play something a bit different as a change of pace, so I’m thinking of starting a second character.

However, I’m an indecisive sob, I just can’t seem to decide on the second playthrough as easily as I did on the first.

Moze is the one I’m the least interested at as of now. I was pretty stoked when I heard she had a mecha, but her action skill seems pretty bland after watching some videos. It seems like Iron Bear is just an extension of the ‘keep shooting things in the face’ mantra instead of giving her something different, and that is fine, but it’s just less interesting for me.

Now Amara and Fl4k both seem quite interesting to me. All of their action skills seem as though they provide interesting gameplay elements and both seem as though they can be played in a variety of ways, though I honestly did not look into their skill trees as much as I did Zane’s.

So, tl;dr, I’d like some suggestions on who to play next and why.

Greetings…flak is kinda popular, but I will star second character with amara seems powerful as maya.


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level 16 on amara and shes pretty boring so far.

What does TVHM mean?

True Vault Hunter Mode. It’s basically a second, harder playthrough.

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I’ve just completed the campaign with Fl4k and his skills seem more focused on Solo since his Pet’s, combined with regen and the ability to have Pets revive you. But, he can be pretty powerful too. With his Fade Out skill, along with a Jakobs pistol, every shot is Critical, and with the Perk Add-on to stay in Fade Out after 3 shots, it can be pretty powerful. Combining that with the Legendary Jakobs Pistol from the Sidequest ‘Life of the Party’ and you have infinite ammo while in Fade Out.

Where do you pick up that mission?

It should appear around the time you arrive at Roland’s Rest during the story

Ah thank you i’m not there it the Clint Eastwood pistol? yes or no,no spoilers lol.

I don’t remember it’s name, and I have no idea. It was just awesome for my Fl4k build so I didn’t really pay attention to it’s name or anything

I’m really digging Amara. Zane is planned for my second run.