Amara future updates?

Is Amara going to have some updates ? , seems like nothing was said about Amara

most usefull things to fix :

  • action skills that do damage stop doing said damage while you look in different direction
  • Samsara proc unreliability , Helping hand not refreshing
  • if anointment says, for example “on using phaseslam” it actually means Phaseslam, and not any of it variants further down the line (which suck more then phaseslam ; Downfall turns you into a flying pinata and has too much cd )

Hope all of this is being considered and improved

Edit : glamour : confused ennemies are considered pets and cannot be attacked , players should be able to do damage and kill the confused targets

Oh wow, really? Where are you seeing this? I’ll test it out.

Fist Over Matter doesn’t do anything if you look away from it after casting.

Phaseslam seems to do the same thing. Usually the slam radius is quite big, way larger than the camera angle. All the enemies in front of you will take the damage since they’re in the field of view. But the ones behind you, slightly out of the FOV won’t take damage even if they are about as close as those in front of you.

Are these on their radar to fix, and we’re just waiting (or we don’t know)?

Hang on. So Downfall and Fracture will proc Phaseslam perks? Is it the same for variants of Phasecast and Phasegrasp?

No, Phaseslam anointments are limited to only the base variant of Phaseslam. The anointments for Phasegrasp work with any variant (Ties That Bind, The Eternal Fist and Fist Over Matter). Not sure about Phasecast, haven’t used it much but I recall some people claiming that they work with all variants as well.

Ah, thanks… that explains a lot (seemed like her anointments were acting intermittently). :+1:

All these are good. The main thing I would ask for is a way to switch action skill elements while in combat. No menu, maybe just hold a button, bring up a wheel and move right on. I play on PS4 and I don’t think there’s anything mapped onto L3 so they could just use that if they wanted us to simply skip through them like guns.

Since I really don’t like Phasegrasp, I would love to see some balancing between the different action skills.

So that all builds don’t use Phasegrasp. Even if it is an Avatar or Brawl build…