Amara Glamour Augment addressing the changes since 7/23

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a short post because I know there has been some confusion in the community including myself concerning Amara’s action skill augment Glamour. Glamour used to often stop you from progressing and would stop you from killing enemies because a bug was causing enemies turned friendly by Glamour to stay permanently friendly. On July 23rd Gearbox addressed a series of Glamour bugs and it is working well now as it no longer makes confused enemies permanently friendly and you can damage enemies while they are confused. A lot of people, myself included, had been previously dissuaded from using this augment because of this drawback but Glamour is very strong now and provides a great source of defense for Amara especially with enemies dealing M10 damage. I don’t actually use Glamour myself in my standard build but I do in a variant where I learned the augment was working surprisingly well it is really strong for content like the circles of slaughter or anytime you are fighting dense mobs. I had a clip of it but it won’t let me post it here but I implore you to try it out and give it a fresh chance.

TLDR: Glamour no longer makes confused enemies permanently friendly and you can damage enemies while they are confused.

If anyone wants to see what it looks like working check out this video it should automatically start at 1 minute 9 seconds with that link where it shows brief gameplay footage of Glamour.

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The video you linked seems to be a Ties That Bind DOT build.

Yeah the build itself is a ttb nimbus build but it has a glamour a variant which is what is being shown at the linked portion.

Ties that Bind is one of the best ways to use Glamour. It helps increase the range of Glamour from being right around the main target to being every enemy that Ties can reach. Not only that, but the damage the enemies do to each other is amplified to each other through the ties. I dare say Ties that Bind is THE way to play Glamour builds.

I am so excited to use glamour + avatar + TTB at lvl 65 :slight_smile:

That will be awesome. Right now you can still go full elemental spec Red tree and still reach glamour with a point for guardian angel and still reach ascendant for 50% bonus glamour time and 5/5 restless for action skill cooldown buff. Combined with more uptime for topped off because less people are shooting at you, the action skill comes back at a decent speed.

Avatar will be nice though.

Definitely, that is actually the set up i use for SS, cd does come back rly quick. Still gets really good ase uptime too