Amara great with any Mayhem modifier?

It seems to me that Amara has the biggest variety in her skills to be able to stay great no matter what modifiers are chosen. It’s probably possible to make a build that wouldn’t need respecing, just changing gear and COM to fit the modifiers.

What are your thoughts on this?

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i have seen a modifier that is negative on all elemental variation.

So far I only seen nerf to all elemental damage only together with increase in normal damage and Amara has synnergies with Jacobs shotguns. With Steady Hands, Transcend and Personal Space being able to do high damaging critical meatshots together.

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The “best” build for all content is IMHO this one:

It is unbelievable strong for mobbing in mayhem 3 and if you want to kill bosses, just switch to phasecast and perhaps a phasecast anointed weapon to melt bosses. I can kill graveward in about 2 seconds with this build and the lyudia.

This build has no tanky skills, but thanks to grasps that binds and stillness of minds you dont need them: you kill most enemies in under 2 seconds (even anointed ones) and most of the other ones are crowd controlled.

A perfect all around build, I love it!

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Yea that build can certainly work yea, I myself prefer more survivability but each person have their own preferences

You’ll get that survivability through cc and dmg, believe me. I go down less with this build that with a “tanky” brawler build.

I’ve done extensive testing with that and the immortal hellcat build and the hellcat just outperforms it


Take one point out from brawler tree and put it in violent tapestry. Then run a phasezerker class mod. Makes the build so much better.

I still immediately re-roll if i get the following modifiers:

• Enemies have a 30% chance to reflect bullets
· Enemies take take 50% less shock damage

Like, no thanks. Lol

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Yep I did that. Build is absolutely amazing I keep going back to it no matter what I’ve trid

In which way, could you please elaborate?

I tried both, but perhaps I missed something. But for me the extra charge through avatar can be really helpful in a lot of scenarios.

I agree fist of the element-brawl amara is better.

I also think FotE-Brawl is the best atm. The higher damage from the mystical tree isn’t necessary if you run the +183% elemental damage on status effect and a way to inflict it on yourself (sellout pistol).

I have so much survivability, movespeed and damage that way, oneshotting annointed enemies with my fire flakker. I don’t feel I need more damage, I prefer being tanky is the better choice.

On topic: I don’t think any optimized Amara build manages that well with -70% elemental damage to begin with if I don’t roll any +damage modifiers as well. I mean, you can definitely still play without a problem since MH3 is pretty easy for a well-equipped character but not to the extent of “normal” gameplay. But I guess that is Amara for you - you usually always go for elemental damage anyway.

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The cooldown on the hellcat for my build is already 5 seconds I don’t see any use for avatar. I have my super again right as my previous ties that bind is coming to an end I’ve also found the difference in dps. Very marginal. Forceful expression is multiplicative and personal space so provides more dps compared to the additive buff of wrath/from rest and forceful expression is basically on par with laid bare except you have it on at all times against all enemies. With that you then have so much more survivabilty while doing the same damage wise. And maybe the extra survivability isn’t needed yet as I don’t even go down in my entire runs so guardian angel is useless on paper but it’s still good to have as a just Incase.

And yeah mindfullness. Best and most fun skill in the entire game lol. (Imo of course) and it pairs very well with topped off the guardian rank skill that’s responsible for insane cooldown. That one perk alone provides a bigger cooldown buff than phasezerker at 25 stacks alone with cooldown buffs to
Your mod and restless.

Your build does have the benefit of stacking do harm if you so desire but mobs die so fast without that I don’t see a need to either and the mechanic Itself definitely wasn’t Intended and just not fun to abuse imo

I am sorry, I dont want to offend you, but you’re wrong.

The Avatar is much stronger on tvhm mayhem 3. I tested both intensively, and yes, the hellcat build is really strong and really tanky.

But the avatar ties that binds build has sooo much more damage. I can deleat anointed ones in less than 2 seconds, in fact I can kill a whole wave in under 3 seconds, no matter how strong they are.

And the extra charge of avatar is a real power up, especially with a 5 second cooldown. To destroy two waves of enemies before you needto wait 5 seconds is huge! In fact I dont need tankyness with that build becouse I destroy everything before it can hit me. And the cc of stillness of mind takes care of the rest.

Of course nothing is really objective here, it comes down to your playstyle. But with the avatar build you can kill mobs and bosses faster as with any other build.