Amara Gun Damage Formula

WIP Note: Interactions with gear bonuses still need testing.

The following skills are Gun Damage under the NormalHit section:

  • Samsara
  • Jab Cross
  • Wrath
  • Dread

The following skill is Critical Damage under the CritMult section:

  • Transcend

The following skill is Elemental Damage under the ElemMult section:

  • Tempest (Shock only does an additional 10%, not 20%(?))

The following skill is Splash Damage under the SplashMult section:

  • Arms Deal

The following skills are Special Multipliers under the SpecMult section:

  • Personal Space (Does up to 18%(?). Only applies to Torgue impact damage, not delayed explosions.)
  • Laid Bare

The following skills are Bonus Damage under the BonusMult section:

  • Forceful Expression

Output = NormalHit * CritMult * ([GunElement]ElemMult + BonusMult * [ActionSkillElement]ElemMult) * SplashMult * SpecMult

NormalHit = BaseDamage * (1 + Samsara Jab Cross + Wrath + Dread) * GuardRank

CritMult = BaseCritMult * (1 + Transcend) * GuardRank

ElemMult = TypeMod * (1 + Tempest + [Shock]Tempest)

SplashMult = (1 + ArmsDeal)

SpecMult = (1 + PersonalSpace) * (1 + Laid Bare)

BonusMult = (0 + ForcefulExpression)

Credit to @Derch’s Athena’s Gun damage formula for the layout.

I personally tested all these values and haven’t found any inconsistencies. Guardian Rank bonuses are interestingly multiplicative with everything as far as I can tell. As is the Guardian Rank skill C-C-Combo, even with the other Guardian Rank bonuses.


  • Infusion
  • Gear bonuses (this is more a general damage equation thing than Amara specific)

Early testing on gear bonuses implies brand damage adds to gun damage and gun type damage adds to personal space (???).


Just did some testing myself and can confirm gun damage guardian ranks are multiplicative (as opposed to e.g. melee which are additive).

I missed the +18% Personal Space you mentioned before testing, stumbled over that, tested and calculated and came to the same conclusion before coming back here and noticing you’d already written that.

Against those skags in The Drought I consistently had +17.7% per rank (tested with up to 5/3) at point blank, leading me to believe that it’s a theoretical up to +18% if you were at the centre of the enemy.

I play shotgun siren so this is one of my most beloved skills, I previously thought I get up to +60% with 5/3 as stated on the card, but it seems to be up to +90%. Multiplicative. This is savage.


Awesome elaboration. I’ll add a link to the Community Guide. :+1:

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I’m assuming the gun damage bonus from Samsara belongs in normalhit?

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Yeah I tested that one but forgot to put it in the post.

anything on infusion?

it would be great to see the stats on it.